There are many forms of terrorism in America


Everyone is well aware of the scourge of Radical Islamic terrorism, though many liberal elites will not admit it through the public pronunciation of these words. Groups like Isis, Al Qaeda, and Hamas receive an appropriate lions share of American attention when it comes to terrorism.

But there are many forms of terrorism within our porous national borders.

Terrorism also comes from race based hate groups. Historically, and popularly, this has been largely associated with white supremacy groups such as the KKK, and various other ‘skinhead’ groups. But, truthfully, there are now as many black and Hispanic hate groups in American today wreaking havoc on our inner city streets. ‘Black Lives Matter’ is probably the most famous current race hate group, associated with, and funded by, powerful radical progressives like George Soros and Al Sharpton. The Black Panthers are another. But the terrorist groups with the fastest rate of growth in America are the inner city drug gangs (see Chicago), and the Mexican drug cartel that infiltrates our southern border to commit numerous crimes, many violent, against American citizens on a daily basis.

Terrorism is also in the form of radical politics. Radical progressives such as Barack Obama have terrorized American citizens through a myriad of legislated ways. Through massive governmental regulations progressives have terrorized small businesses into mediocrity and decline. Through attacks on the Constitution radical progressives have attacked marriage, family, and religion, while invading privacy through super technology, and constantly chipping away at our 2nd Amendment rights.

Terrorism of the political kind has been aided and abetted by the terror link better known as the main stream media. Through media bias, shoddy journalism, compromise, corruption, and 24/7 paid for propaganda, the media has facilitated the creation of Barack Obama, while working hard to recreate his disaster in Donald Trump. The media has been complicit in spreading the gospel of the radical progressive, while suppressing any semblance of truth resembling Judeo-Christian values, Constitutional rights, and traditional family values.

Terrorism, particularly the political kind, has also been aided and abetted by Hollywood, the Manhattan elites, and the elites of Academia. The music industry, pop magazine companies, and any and all forms of entertainment and advertising have also been complicit in the all out raid of the hearts and minds of Americans, especially our youth. Through information overload, Common Core shoddiness, political correctness, blatant liberalism, revisionist history, and the Google mentality, this uninformed generation of Americans have been prepared daily for the political terrorism currently at hand.

Terrorism is also attacking us in the form of the power of celebrity. The current phenomenon otherwise known as Donald Trump threatens our nation with a new form of terror intimately known by our founding fathers which they knew as tyranny. This new form of terrorism is exercised by the powerful few–ironically supported by angry individuals who abhor the powerful few–through the sheer force of threats, putdowns, violence, and the peer pressure to join the herd. This form of terrorism is also aided and abetted by the main stream media, even when it thinks it is resisting it. For, like a weed, it grows faster than grass with but a dose of attention.

So, Radical Islam is the most dangerous form of terror threatening our freedom and security. But, truth be told, it isn’t the only form attacking our hearts, minds and Judeo-Christian souls. But, then again, like Radical Islam, if we don’t initially name it, how can we hope to ever deal with it?


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