He is more Henry VIII and less St. Thomas More


As Americans march to the zombie drum beat of the Hillary, Trump clash, listening to the rhythm of the 24/7 propaganda of the supposed ‘inevitability’ and ‘electability’ of both the Donald and the Hillary, we are reminded of an England which witnessed the killing of an intellectual, gentlemanly statesman at the hands of a lust-filled, pompous, uncouth King.

Similarly, this is what is happening in the United States right now.

Americans in record number abhor Donald Trump. 65% of the Republican voters have stated that Donald Trump is unsuited for the Presidency. 65% have voted for numerous other candidates which represent faith, reason, civility, the Constitution, traditional family values, Life, and decency toward others. Yet through the disgusting pounding of Donald Trump, through the force of the main stream media, down the throats of Americans, and the glut of candidates which have fought hard for the majority of votes, Donald Trump is in the lead, and threatening to represent so many Americans  that find him vile and reprehensible.

Like King Henry VIII, Donald Trump is an adulterer and a murderer.

Donald has been divorced twice, married three times. He has written extensively, and proudly, in his New York Times bestseller ‘The Art of the Deal’ of his adultery with the wives of business adversaries. Donald has spent a lifetime supporting political candidates who espouse partial birth abortion.

Like King Henry VIII, Donald Trump attempts to kill the gentleman statesman like St. Thomas More.

Donald has built his Real Estate career, and his monetary kingdom,  on ruthlessness and deceit. Through a career filled with eminent domain takeovers and Trump University  deceits, Donald has likewise modeled his Presidential run on duplicitousness and personal attacks. He has called gentleman Ben Carson ‘pathological.’ He has called gentleman Jeb Bush ‘low energy.’ He has called gentleman Marco Rubio ‘Little Marco.’ And he has assassinated the character of gentleman Ted Cruz by calling him a ‘liar.’

Unlike St. Thomas More, Donald Trump does not inspire holiness.

Donald has incited violence, attacked women’s looks, insulted the Pope, called Mexicans rapists, lied, exaggerated, cursed, threatened, withheld his taxes, talked about his penis in public, and bloviated in an unending manner. Donald has bullied his way onto more free TV time than most people with half a brain can handle. Donald has taken advantage millions of angry, frustrated people, whoring their anger for power. Donald has taken advantage of uneducated, simple minded people, filling their souls with hope through empty slogans, angry rants, and Reality-TV celebrity status.

Like King Henry VIII, expect Donald Trump to buck authority and behead the innocent.

Donald Trump is all about himself. He has already threatened to torture terrorists and kill their families against military advice and the Geneva Convention. Like King Henry VIII, he has no respect for the Pope, or for anyone for that matter. Abortion will most likely proliferate under his dictatorship since he has been so complimentary of Planned Parenthood. And expect international tensions to increase as Donald has shown a propensity for vitriolic rhetoric and puffy peacock pride.

This ugly man is more King Henry VIII, and less St. Thomas More. I, for one, have already voted for Ted Cruz, an intellectual, faith filled, Christian conservative Constitutionalist, more in line with St. Thomas More. So you can’t blame the likes of me when Donald Trump comes to behead you during one of his national irrational Trumper-tantrums.

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