I solemnly swear, as a Traditional Catholic, and as a conservative American, that I will never ever vote for Donald J. Trump. I will also never ever vote for a Democrat or for a Socialist.

In other words, I will never vote for evil.

So, isn’t it the duty of a Catholic, and a good citizen, to vote? Isn’t it my responsibility to choose the lesser evil?


This would be true if my vote actually counted, and that there was a distinguishability of evil in the current choices!

But we know that this is not true. This election is rigged. On the Democrat side it is a coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton. No one of substance ran against her. Bernie Sanders strong showing, which actually means nothing since Democrat super-delegates are sworn to Hillary, is a product of Hillary’s weaknesses as a candidate and the pathetic nature of our young, spoiled millennials. On the Republican side, Donald J. Trump is supported by the Manhattan Fox News Cartel, and the overwhelming support of the uneducated, the overly angry, and the greedy.

As far as distinguishing between the lesser of two evils, you gotta be kidding me!  Hillary is a lying crook responsible for the death of four Americans in Benghazi. She is a horrible candidate, and an even more despicable person.

And she is a much better person than the Donald!

Donald Trump is a lowlife par excellence. Donald is an anti-Christian (divorce, infidelity, robbery, fraud, libel, slander, malice, racism, misogyny, etc.). Donald is a warrior for the culture of death in his praise for Planned Parenthood, in his life long support for abortion, and in his donations to Pro-Choice politicians. Donald is the king of hubris, hyperbole, and cheap car salesmanship!

I would gladly vote for any other candidate not named Trump, Clinton, or Sanders. Actually, I prefer Cruz. But if left with the choice between Trump and Clinton, I will not vote, I will not support them in any way…and I will overtly, publicly, and loudly disobey any and all immoral, un-Constitutional ‘laws’ they set forward.

I will not obey! I will not worship! I will not comply! I will not be part of the suicidal American herd, rushing off the cliff of insanity. I will not become a follower just because Fox, or CNN, or MSNBC, or any other alphabet soup propaganda machine tells me so. Damn Hollywood, damn the Manhattan elites! I will not listen to the wooing of the pop elite. I will listen only to the gospel of Jesus, the wisdom of the founding fathers, the common sense of the few good people remaining, and the inklings of my socially ravaged conscience!

God forgive me for not participating . But I must resist pure evil. And the current choice of Hillary, Bernie, and Donald, are just that.

Pure Evil!


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