The spiritual bankruptcy of the Trump campaign


Donald Trump is a man who will take no responsibility for the fires that he starts.

With all of his vile, violent encouragements that he shouts at his rally’s, encouraging his minions to attack demonstrators, and with all of his disrespectful rhetoric which has turned the Republican Presidential process into a circus, this man seeks to burn down Rome as the next Nero.

Remember, this is the very same man who stated that he has never had to ask God for forgiveness. What a dangerous precedent for what has turned out to be the ugliest run for the Presidency in American history. Personal putdowns, inflammatory racial rhetoric, misogynistic comments, and mockery of developmentally disabled people, not to mention the mockery of the wartime heroism of John McCain (yes, we have a lot to complain about John McCain’s Senate record; he is, however, a heroic serviceman).

Evidently, the followers of Donald Trump, to include a vast majority of evangelicals and prominent Catholics, decided early that this campaign would be a campaign based on spiritual bankruptcy.

First, it is a campaign which ignores the previous nasty history of its practitioner. Divorces, marital infidelity documented in bestsellers, support for abortion and gay marriage, eminent domain abuses, and Trump University rip offs illustrate how the minions of the Trumpster decided long ago that decency, compassion, honesty, and justice were not required of the billionaire bully.

Subsequently, this is a campaign fueled by anger, threatening rhetoric, putdowns, and dubious policies. This is a campaign fueled by a virulent immigration policy, and vague promises of trade deals which will ‘Make America Great Again.’ If you notice it is all about opposition to certain kinds of people, and the Almighty dollar. Donald Trump’s campaign, unlike the campaigns of Cruz, Rubio, and, to a lesser degree, Kasich, lacks emphasis on Constitutional rights and Judeo-Christian convictions.

The Trump campaign is spiritually bankrupt in its disinterest of Life issues. Donald Trump could care less about abortion, euthanasia, and the culture of death. Why would he? He spent a lifetime funding it. And, just recently, he complimented Planned Parenthood ‘for all the good things they do for women.’ The Trump campaign is also spiritually bankrupt when it comes to human dignity as it is linked to the Constitution. Free speech is only important when its his! The Second Amendment is also not a very big issue for him. Why would it be? He is an out of touch Manhattan limousine liberal with plenty of armed security guards. Religious freedom is another issue you seldom, if ever, hear from the Donald. Why would it be? He publicly professed his atheism on CNN a few years back.

So why do so many people, to include so called evangelicals and Catholics, support this spiritually dead cadaver?

Because of the power of the celebrity, the power of redirected anger, and the promise of the Almighty dollar.

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