Naming Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot


I love my daughter and fear for her future as our nation is being led off the cliff by narcissistic personalities spurred on by the reality TV generation. And the king of this current reality TV disaster is Donald J. Trump.

With empty rhetoric, and equally inept policies, as revealed from occasional media vetting, this braggadocio, with racist, bigoted, xenophobic, misogynist, and violence spurring tendencies, has hoodwinked millions of angry Americans, some intelligent, most uneducated, and quite a few from fringe groups like white supremacists, and young white male World Wrestling (WWE) fans living in mom and dads basement.

This would merely be a small tragedy if his devotees didn’t also include well educated ‘Catholics,’ ‘Evangelicals,’ and ‘conservatives.

But a large tragedy it is.

Catholic Trump devotees, like frequent EWTN guest Laura Ingraham, have left their Eucharistic faith by the front door, like a pair of wet galoshes, only to participate in American public, political life by supporting a man of dubious integrity like Donald Trump. It doesn’t seem to matter to Miss Ingraham that Donald praises Planned Parenthood. It doesn’t seem to matter that Donald prefers a single payer health care option, socialistic in nature, the very political system criticized by Pope’s such as Leo XIII. It doesn’t matter that Donald Trump misbehaves in an uncatholic fashion, with misogynistic, borderline racist, and frequently disrespectful comments.

It seems that Laura Ingraham’s Catholicism is cafeteria in essence, at least as it pertains to Donald Trump.

Evangelical Trump devotees, the kind that claim Sola Scriptura, seem to forget the Beatitudes when they are in the presence of the most proud, most rich in spirit (and $), and least thirsty for Justice candidate in the race (see Trump University and eminent domain). Pastors like Jerry Falwell Jr. and Robert Jeffress preach the gospel of mercy and justice but reveal a love for the Trump gospel of temporal ‘winning.’ Such stalwarts of Christian integrity like Dr. Ben Carson are appalled at Trump’s tactics until he invites them to a place in his administration.

I guess Donald the messiah Trumps Jesus the Messiah.

So called conservatives have ignored a real conservative like Ted Cruz and fawned all over the reality-TV-conservative Donald Trump. The Drudge Report and, formerly of the conservative ilk, have forgotten small government and the Constitution, and have fallen into a school girl crush over the Donald. Policy and principles, formerly the conservative standard, have been replaced by a thirst for power and prestige.

Conservative used to pertain to our Constitutional Republic. Now it pertains to conserving self interest in the coming Trump reign.

So what do all these traitors have in common?

For the Catholic and the Evangelical there is the tinge of Judas Iscariot. Selling our children’s  future, and the nations Judeo-Christian future,  for thirty pieces of Trump silver. For the pseudo-conservative there is a tinge of Benedict Arnold as they have given up the Constitution for a seat in the Royal Trump Palace.

In the end, they have all betrayed our nation in one way or another.

Shame on you.

DIS-Honorable mention: Fox News, Sean Hannity, Fox n Friends, The Five, CNN, MSNBC, the main stream media in general, Chris Christie, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, and most probably Satan.



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