Are you blind, stupid, or both?


Every day I am bewildered by the blind faith that Americans offer to such horrible Presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Whether socialist Sanders, progressive Hillary, or sociopathic Trump, these candidates offer only radical, un-Constitutional, Pro-Choice, racially and socioeconomically divisive ideologies which lead, ultimately, to social division, hatred, economic mediocrity, and a full sprint away from traditional Judeo-Christian morals and ethics.

Since I am a Republican and, more specifically, a conservative, I would like to speak about the most dangerous man in America not named Barack Obama.

Donald Trump is currently the most influential cult leader in the world. Not since Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler has a world leader gotten so far in the political process with such empty policies and strategies, driven solely by the anger and hatred of his minions.

Let’s not be mistaken.

Donald Trump’s fuel is anger and hatred.

Donald promises to be a unifier.

Unification never seemed so divisive!

‘Little Marco, ‘Lyin Ted,’ numerous disrespectful statements about any and every political opponent, ‘rapist’ Mexicans, generic Islamic hate, ‘punch em in the face,’ ‘bad China,’ ‘bad Mexico,’ Donald Trump is all about divisive, disrespectful, classless, humor aimed at the angry, hate filled, uneducated, racist portions of the American population.

Let’s also not confuse last nights near riot in Chicago as solely the responsibility of Donald Trump. Obama’s, Bernie’s, and Hillary’s minions, led by George Soros’ MoveOn.Org organized this disruption of Donald Trump’s 1st Amendment right to free speech. Also, this was a chance for equally radical socialists and progressives to get attention.

But the lion share of responsibility falls on the Donald’s shoulders!

At nearly every Trump rally, Donald has incited his crowds to hatred and animosity toward every and any opponent. Never has Donald urged caution, respect, compassion, understanding, or patience. Never! Rather, Donald has urged his minions to ‘punch protesters in the face! ‘ And they have!

Violence begets violence.

And Donald has proven to be a begetter of violence!

Already one of his top campaign employees is under investigation for violently throwing a reporter to the ground. Already there are numerous videos of Trump supporters violently attacking demonstrators at Trump rally’s. Already there are numerous videos of Donald Trump verbally inciting the crowds to violent reactivity.

And then there are Donald’s policies.


And then there is Donald’s past.

Bankruptcies, eminent domain, Trump University, Pro-Choice, Pro-gay ‘marriage,’ financial support for the Clintons, two divorces, three marriages, professed atheism, preference for single payer socialized medicine, bragging in his  best seller ‘The Art of the Deal’ of sleeping with his business opponents wives…

It begs the question.

Trumpsters, are you blind, stupid, or both?

America is hopelessly enslaved in a cult of celebrity. And Donald Trump is that celebrity. Donald even stated that he ‘could shoot someone in the middle of Central Park’ and his followers would still love him. This is blindness and stupidity of Biblical proportions!

And to think that there are three Republican candidates other than Trump to choose from. But, then again, they are just plain patriotic, Constitutional and sober.

Not exciting enough for the celebrity junky too blind and stupid to see the train wreck coming.

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