Christian genocide and the Commander in chief


While John Kerry tip toes through the tulips of political correctness, stalling for a clever way out of calling the atrocities in the Middle East a genocide, Americans struggle to come to grips with the seriousness of picking our next Commander in Chief.

Many seemingly intelligent, well meaning, Americans, some who consider themselves Evangelicals or Catholics, dance a romantic waltz with the reality TV personality Donald Trump. Donald, holding a mysterious trance over the rationality and common sense of at least 30% of Republican voters, experimented, and failed, at aping Christian discipleship, while retaining a large portion of the Evangelical voters in a school-girl-crush-mode which allows Donald to blunder such atrocities as announcing his military policy which endorses torturing prisoners of war and killing family members of terrorists.

Evil for evil is not exactly the way to end genocide.

On the flip side, or, should I say, in a similar vein, Hillary Clinton blasts, through a muscular voice, the need to fight terrorists while simultaneously having trouble both identifying the terrorists as Islamic, and the victims as Christian. How can President Hillary address the Christian genocide in the Middle East when she is too afraid to pin Radical to Islam and victim to Middle Eastern Christianity? How can a former Secretary of State of a Presidential administration that waged culture war on American Christians be expected to help Christians in other lands?

Similarly, how can we expect Donald Trump, who has supported Hillary financially for years, while maintaining a close friendship with her, not to mention praising her work as Secretary of State, to be any different than her?

Socialism, seemingly, has nothing to do with ones faith.

So you would think that Bernie Sanders would get a pass.

What a wrong assumption that is!

Catholicism, at least official Catholicism, apart from pop café Catholicism, has always condemned socialism as inherently evil. See Pope Pius X, XI, and Pope Leo XIII. Socialism, moreover, is a first cousin to Communism, which is atheistic through and through. Bernie Sanders, therefore, would not exactly be a President concerned with Christian genocide overseas; Sanders, moreover, like Hillary and Trump, would most likely be in favor of continuing the Christian genocide in America otherwise known as abortion.

And then there’s Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is a Christian who actually is both well acquainted with the Bible and the inside of a church. As a Constitutional Conservative, a real one, unlike the phony Trump Conservatism aping Reagan poorly, Ted Cruz has spent his political career defending the Constitution as the founding fathers–all theists, some deists, but most of them believers– intended. Ted Cruz has repeatedly promised to eradicate Isis from the face of the earth. He has also repeatedly promised to protect religious liberty in America. Put the two together and you have the best Presidential candidate for eradicating Christian genocide worldwide.

How can a President (Hillary, Donald, and Bernie) who does not cherish Christianity, and one who has a record of working against Christian values, be expected to fight against Christian genocide?

How can a Christian who cherishes Christianity not choose for Cruz?

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