What would Jesus think of Donald Trump?


Two thousand some odd years ago the Word of God, made flesh, dwelled among tax collectors, prostitutes, zealots, Pharisees, Romans, and a nation of struggling God believers. Jesus had no trouble dining with the worst of the worst, since he was the Physician sent by the Father to fix what truly ailed all of them in the ultimate dis-ease called sin. Jesus was Divine Mercy.

But as we see in the turning of the temple tables, and in the rebuke of the hypocritical Pharisees, Jesus was also ultimate Justice.

And, as Divine Mercy still speaks, ultimate Justice still has much to say.

So what would Jesus say to Donald Trump?

Jesus is all about the orphan and the widow. Social Justice, prior to its hijacking by the radical left, was the Way of the Nazarene. It is still the way of Catholic Social Teaching. And there are many things which Donald Trump practices, and preaches, which are against the very Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Donald’s business history bears witness to a ruthless selfishness which has no problem exercising eminent domain over the life, liberty, and property of American citizens. The Donald, furthermore, has had no problem swindling hard earned money from the less fortunate through his bogus University. Donald, moreover, has been well versed with funding the purveyors of evil for ‘business purposes’ as he has repeatedly funded the political careers of such liberal pro-choicer’s such as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Hardly activities that the Lord our God would condone.

In his personal life, Donald J. Trump has lived a life of reckless abandonment. Hardly a Godly lifestyle. Divorced twice, married thrice, Donald bragged in his best seller ‘The Art of the Deal’ how he slept with the wives of his business competitors. Donald spent 60+ years as a proponent of partial birth abortion, while recently praising Planned Parenthood for ‘all the good things that they do for women.’ Donald spent his adulthood supporting gay ‘marriage,’ and still considers it a legitimate expression of matrimony. Donald has never been a churchgoer, and his bible, as witnessed by his fumbled attempt in Iowa, is rarely opened. And Donald openly stated that he ‘never had a need to ask God for forgiveness.’

Sounds like the Pharisees that used to hound Jesus in the city streets.

As the Ultimate witness to God, Jesus calls all baptized Christians to be witnesses of Christ. Donald has witnessed to none other than himself. Mocking a disabled reporter, mocking a female Presidential candidates looks, cursing in front of youths, claiming that he could kill someone and still keep his voter base, stating that military generals would follow his illegal commands to torture and kill the innocent, ranting, raving, bloviating, lying, accusing, flip-flopping, like a proud puffy peacock, the Donald, quite often, appears like a product of the anti-Christ himself.

Jesus said, ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesars, and to God what belongs to God.’ To Caesar, Jesus desires that we give our vote to the best candidate. Best in intention, integrity, and ability. At least two out of three of those, particularly the first two, Trump lacks. And to God, Jesus wants us to give a response of living faith.

How can we give our living faith if we vote for someone who is so anti-Christian?


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