I will not bow to the new Nazism


This election is nothing but a ram job!

Hillary and Trump are being shoved down our throats by pundits who say that it is inevitable. Against this behemoth of un-Constitutional force are the usual inept Washington power brokers trying to equally ram Republican establishment candidates down our throat.

But the more powerful rammers are the Hillary-Trump rammers.

And of them we choke.

1930’s Germany saw the same dilemma. With the national economy in the tank and national moral at an all time low, the National Socialist Party rammed a funny looking, arrogant, loud dude named Adolf down the people’s throats. Funny, but the German people, for the most part, excepting saints like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, took the dictators promising rhetoric hook, line, and sinker.

Currently, about 35% of American Republicans are doing the same with another funny looking, arrogant, loud, dictator-in-the-making. With ‘promising’ rhetoric, Donald Trump has mesmerized a third of the Republican voter base while alienating the other 65% with his grossness, vileness, arrogance, lies, putridness, nastiness, classlessness, and flip-flop-flip-flop delivery. Since his opposition all shoot themselves in the foot, dividing the other 65% of the vote amongst themselves, unable to overcome the New Fuhrer’s lead, the Donald, buoyed by the support of the turncoat Fox News, and pseudo-Evangelicals nation wide, threatens to actually win the nomination, thereby enslaving free Americans to a Presidential choice between progressive-lying Hillary and dictator-in-training Donald Trump.

I say we blow the whole thing up!

To hell with Donald and Hillary!

Personally, I will never bow to either one of them. As Barack Hussein Obama was never my President, and I never followed any of his initiatives–still unemployed, I cannot afford health care and I refuse to take Obama-Care, AND I WILL NEVER PAY THE FINE…I will exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights if I have to–I will never serve Queen Hillary or the 4th Reich of the Donald.

I have many reasons to legitimately hate the Donald.

And, if you are truly Catholic, or really Christian, you should do the same.

Yes, Jesus taught us to love our enemies, but there is always confession and purgatory after the necessary hate needed to repel these barbarians at our gate.

Both of these totalitarians want to steal our God given rights, rights protected by the Constitution. Both are life long Pro-Choicer’s. Don’t believe the lie that Donald has converted. Donald still preaches of the good things that Planned Parenthood has done and has a lifetime of donations to this baby killing machine. Furthermore, Donald’s Christianity is a Christianity of political convenience. He is, at heart, a Manhattan limousine liberal all about power and success. Donald has already threatened to force Military leaders to comply with unlawful, unethical demands. Yes, he walked it back after his lack of knowledge was revealed. But this is his personality.

A personality of total dictatorship!

Donald said ‘When I speak, people listen to me.’ Donald’s son, Donald Jr., spoke recently, on the radio, to Sean Hannity about his servile fear of his father after experiencing his father’s wrath during his youth. This is what Donald expects of his (three) wives, his children, his employees, and a nation of his minions. How can you not expect him to run the nation exactly like he ran his business. Four bankruptcies, two divorces, Trump University, eminent domain, sleeping with the wives of his competitors, hiding his tax returns, cursing, threatening, suing, manipulating, lying, cheating, bullying, mocking, and hogging  all of the air time with the aid of his most favorite slave, the main stream media.

Heck, he already has his propaganda machine in place.

All he needs is the power, and a little mustache to go with his goofy comb-over and his orange face, and, presto! we have another Fuhrer.

I don’t know about you, but I will never bow to the new Nazism!

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