Goliath needs to lose again


Goliath was the behemoth who threatened the peace of the Israelites. Goliath threatened to destroy David, the man of God. Similarly, we have two Goliath’s threatening the peace of our nation, threatening to eliminate the true man of God, Jesus Christ, from our national consciousness.

Both Goliaths are behemoths with mega money backing their reign of terror. Both utilize the monstrous power of celebrity to perpetrate their political rouse on the American people. Linked together historically, through personal friendship, and mutual monetary sharing, in donations and common causes, these monsters are creations of the main stream media, pop culture, and the progressive movement.

Both of them are enemies of life, liberty, and the pursuit of holiness.

Both Goliaths are strong advocates for abortion-on-demand and Planned Parenthood. Both Goliaths are proponents of gay ‘marriage.’ Both Goliaths have been supporters of big government which has attacked religious freedom. Both Goliaths dabble in Christianity only to use it to dupe café Catholics and quasi-Evangelicals. Both have worked with forces that have fought to rob Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights. Both have dubious ethical and moral past histories. Both have been caught in numerous lies. Both manipulate American wounds; Trump manipulating anger and Hillary manipulating racial tensions. Both are full of empty rhetoric. Both Goliaths, like their analogous predecessor, have animosity toward the nation of Israel.

Both must be killed with a stone.

Both must be beheaded.

Both must be killed by the man, and woman, of God.

This can only happen if Americans awaken to their Judeo-Christian roots and vote accordingly. This can only happen if American Catholics, Evangelicals, and those that are not prisoners of relativism and political correctness, unite in saying a resounding ‘no’ to the Goliaths in our common national path. This can only happen if Americans put Life in front of anger. This can only happen if Americans, especially Christians, put the gospel in front of the Almighty dollar. This can only happen if Americans actually listened to policy over propaganda, principles over vulgarity, and get off their fat asses and investigate the actual past histories of some of these candidates, particularly the two previously mentioned Goliaths.

We can kill Goliath. But we will need faith, patriotism, and the will power to overcome the overwhelming power of main stream media propaganda, political correctness, and the national weakness which tends toward the cult of personality.

Goliath must die. We must kill him/her now. If not, we will be their slaves.

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