Trump’s Christian sellouts need to repent


It is downright embarrassing how American Christianity has bowed to the lesser qualities of the popular American culture. This descent into spiritual and moral mediocrity has been strongly manifested in the American Judeo-Christian acceptance of Donald Trump.

Fueled with anger, American Christians have flocked to the Donald in hordes.

A record number of Evangelicals, led by notable pastors, have endorsed Donald Trump with unusual vigor. Ignoring his lifelong support of the ‘culture of death,’ gay ‘marriage,’ and his fiscal support of violators of religious liberty such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Clintons, to name a few, Evangelicals have revealed their sad plummet into the love of money over the love of God. For the Donald, in all of his empty promises, and nasty comments, offers nothing that one would expect of a man with a strong Judeo-Christian conviction. And let’s not forget, like the Evangelicals, Donald’s long history of abuse of basic human rights such as his phony Trump University, his eminent domain tactics, and his unethical hiring of illegal aliens in his many business establishments.

Catholics don’t get off scot-free in this.

Cafeteria Catholicism is in full force concerning the current American Catholic relationship with the Donald. Laura Ingraham, frequent guest on EWTN, and Fox News, a convert to Catholicism, and a proclaimed Traditional Catholic, is in full support of the daily scandal machine known as Donald Trump. Laura, ever professing her Catholic dignity, revealed her phony side when she defended Donald Trump’s self-reference to his penis during the recent debate, praising Donald for cleverness and cuteness. Give me a break! Her Catholic sensibilities are conveniently shut off when she defends the Donald. One can only wonder why a woman with seeming Catholic dignity can stoop so low in her support for the guttural Donald.

Evangelical Pastors such as Robert Jeffress, and Jerry Falwell Jr., not to mention self-proclaimed super Christian Sean Hannity, along with pseudo-Catholic Bill O’Reilly, all have a weird relationship with Donald Trump, some bordering on an unhealthy man crush. Pastor Jeffress, besides for being an anti-Catholic bigot, is a total enabler of Donald Trump, embracing his misogyny, bigotry, and generally undisciplined, disgusting  un-Christian behavior. Pastor Falwell has also introduced the Donald, a shining beacon of Christian manhood (sarcasm for those who don’t get it), into the student life of the young people at Liberty University. Sean Hannity, a former  Catholic with an obvious axe to grind, ogles Donald in a weird man-crush, probably worshipping the Manhattan success story that Donald is, and that he wishes to become. And Bill O’Reilly proves the old adage ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ Burly, loud, obnoxious, bloviating, New York bullies tend to see eye to eye.

In all of this the gospel of Jesus Christ has been replaced by the new gospel of prosperity preached by Donald Christ. Evangelicals have chucked the bible for ‘the Art of the Deal.’ Catholics have replaced the Bread of Life with the green bread promised by the Vicar of ‘winning.’

These are sad days indeed.

We have sold our soul to a snake oil salesman.

Hopefully, in repentance, we can have Christ buy us back.

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