Trump: product of anger and propaganda


I am so mad that I am spitting with screams of desperation against the Political Behemoth of Washington D.C., the Manhattan N.Y. main stream media (to include Fox/Trump News), and an uninformed herd that supports such lunatic candidates as Donald, Hillary and Bernie.

The average citizen, screwed on a daily basis by our government, and by the propaganda machine of EVERY major news network, is no longer represented by a representative Congress, or an objective journalist class.

Now we have special-interest guided crooks, created by a 24/7 propaganda machine designed to perpetuate the political threshing machine. This has been obvious for years on the left as the Clintons and Obama have received the coronation and graces that have formed a loyal herd of progressives through such propaganda machines such as MSNBC, CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Hollywood.

But now the ‘right’ and the ‘Republicans’ have become equally Nazi-ized.

Fox News has become Trump News. 24/7 we are reminded that Donald Trump is ‘inevitable.’ Around the clock, Manhattan, New York talking heads preach the doctrine of ‘New York values.’

Now I grew up in New York. Long Island to be exact. And Upstate New York, Long Island, and the outer reaches of Staten Island, are not the same as downtown Manhattan. When Ted Cruz spoke negatively about New York values he didn’t mean to disrespect the heroics that took place on 9/11. He also wasn’t disrespecting the values of many New Yorkers not part of the Manhattan elite.

What he was criticizing, however, was the limousine liberalism of the Manhattan main stream media, and the crooked business tactics of such Manhattan superstars as Donald J. Trump. You see, aside from Hollywood, Manhattan liberals are the most pernicious cancers in the American body, constantly trying to force feed their progressive anti-Christian values on the rest of the nation.

And Donald Trump is the embodiment of this force feeding.

But in order to get away with this rouse, the Manhattan elites have to create a mirage. And the mirage is the conservative, Pro-Life, Republican Donald Trump. You have to remember, Donald Trump is now the ambassador of ‘New York values’ to the rest of the world.

A victory for Donald is a victory for the limousine liberals in Manhattan.

That is why Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Susteren,  Sean Hannity and the minions on the Five, and Fox and Friends, soften the image of Donald Trump on an hourly basis. That is why there is barely a mention of Ted Cruz, the only real conservative in the race, unless, of course, it is a negative mention. Donald’s business failures, his legal troubles, his dubious activities such as Trump University,  his divorces, his sexual escapades while married, his liberal lifetime, his perennial Pro-Choice and Pro gay marriage stance, his single payer preference, his bigotry, racism, misogyny, and general foul-mouthed presence are glossed over as ‘just being Donald.’

Meanwhile almost 50% of Republican voters say that they would under no circumstance vote for Donald. And almost every major poll has him losing to Hillary in the general election. Besides, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are absolutely wonderful alternatives.

So, what gives?

Well, like Hitler, Trump has latched onto the nations anger in a intimate, visceral way. And like Hitler’s propaganda machine, the main stream media has given the Donald 24/7 access to the American people. And, of special importance, some very powerful media moguls, like Fox News’ Manhattan based Rupert Murdoch, have made it company policy to get the Donald elected.

In the end, Donald is the product of both irrational anger and duplicitous journalism.

Not exactly a recipe for success.

But then again, in America 2016, what New York wants, New York gets.

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

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