Prophets are being mocked this very day


Jesus said: “Truly, I say to you, no prophet is acceptable in his own country.”

In our beloved country, the United States of America, prophets are loudly lamenting the current national malaise, and the harbinger of disaster to come.

But none of them are accepted. They are only mocked, ignored, or labeled as ‘right wing.’

Last night, a harbinger of things to come was revealed in the Oscar’s. Winning best picture was a film that depicted the Catholic Church as a bunch of priestly child molesters. Tomorrow night, on Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton, a gender politician, Pro-choice advocate, stirrer of racial animosity, currently under FBI investigation, and the least trusted politician in America, will move closer to facing GOP curmudgeon-extraordinaire Donald Trump, recently endorsed by the KKK.

All of this occurs as American anger is seething.

Washington D.C. is a cesspool of lies, unethical compromises, and decreasing patriotism. The New York main stream media is a network of liberals and moderates who are less interested in reporting the news as in shaping it a la Nazi propaganda. Hollywood, well, in a word, is radical. Our youth are victims, thanks to their sell-out, relativist parents, of the American academia, largely socialists, atheists, anarchists, racists, and radical progressives. Our President, raised to hate America, has been largely successful in ‘fundamentally changing’ our nation. Our Supreme Court teeters on the edge of becoming forever European. Racial animosity is driven by professionals. Class warfare has propelled a socialist into the Democratic party finals. The economy, barring the fake unemployment rate, is stagnant. Our national security, including our cyber safety and privacy, and the integrity of the Southern border, are showing signs of collapse.

This is the perfect recipe for disaster.

Making matters worse, America has been offered, almost in a prophetic tease,  the strongest Republican cast of candidates in memory. That is, if you discount the one that most people are currently selecting. In this initial group was an African American man, a woman, a man of Indian descent, and two Hispanics, not to forget people of varying ages. In this group were more than a few solid Judeo-Christian individuals who were also strong proponents of the Constitution.

But then an odd thing happened on the road to Emmaus.

Evangelicals (fiscal evangelicals) and Catholics (obviously cafeteria types) decided that a Pro-Choice, liberal, deceitful, inarticulate, obnoxious, windbag with a criminal background must be their candidate. No, I’m not just talking about one parties candidate. I am talking about both!

With a loud clear voice, Evangelicals and Catholics have stated to the prophets sent by God: ‘We don’t care about Planned Parenthood, abortion, attacks on our religious freedom, attacks on our Constitutional freedom, and we don’t care if our leader is a lair, is crass, is everything anti-Christian. We just want someone who can make us rich, make us win, and take care of us.’

What a sad nation we have become.

Our national debt is embarrassing. Our Presidential candidates, if they are Hillary and Donald, are more than embarrassing, they are outright sad. Our current President is scandalous. Our current abortion genocide is deserving of God’s Wrath. And all we can do is vote for paper tigers with empty promises. Media created Messiah’s that can only lead us to the road of perdition.

This little prophet warned you. But you chose to ignore, mock, and walk away.

May God have mercy on our national soul.

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