Where is God in the 2016 election?


At times it seems that God has taken a vacation during this most tumultuous election season. At times it seems that the forces of atheism, secularism, and anti-Christian values are running the whole show. At times it seems that, at best, Christianity has been wielded by some of the candidates as a prop to propagate their own agenda, often times far from the genuine message of the gospel. At times it seems that a majority of Catholics and Evangelicals support what is most antithetical to the faith.

But God is where he always is during tumultuous times.

Bernie Sanders has resurrected the spirit of socialism. That same system which has undergirded some of the most ruthless, and economically hapless, regimes in human history. Young people, in particular, susceptible to manipulation due to a lack of historical perspective, have been his pawns. University professors, left over 60’s hippies, have helped Bernie indoctrinate our children into the lie of ‘free stuff.’

Opposing Bernie and his seditious ideology, on the Democrat side, is Hillary Clinton. Hillary  props up her run for President with professional racial division and tacky gender politics. Championing abortion and contraception as a gift from God, this radical feminist, not to mention the least trusted politician in both parties, champions  the ‘culture of death’ as the natural right of every woman.

On the other side of the political coin, Donald Trump has pulled of a masterful job of illusion. With smoke and mirrors par excellence, Donald Trump has taken a personal past riddled with liberalism and moral iniquity, and a set of political policies and strategies emptier than a cookie jar at a 10 year olds birthday party, and won supporters by being the most rude, crude, crass, obnoxious, irreverent, duplicitous, conniving, politician in a very long time. Every dropped ‘f’ bomb, every insult, every lie, every cover up, and every rhetorically empty promise seems to propel him further to the top of the opinion polls.

All three of these candidates, as empty and deceitful as they are, have eclipsed rational, moral, lucid, articulate, and genuinely Christian candidates such as Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz. And what makes matters worse is that Catholics and Evangelicals have been the steam that has moved Sanders, Clintons, and Trumps engines.

It doesn’t seem to matter that Bernie, Hillary, and, in reality, Trump, support Planned Parenthood; subsequently, supporting the ‘culture of death.’ It doesn’t matter that all three of these candidates hold little value in the Constitution; consequently, leaving religious freedom, not to mention other Constitutional rights, hanging precariously in danger of being eradicated. It doesn’t seem to matter that the Supreme Court, the very same court that aborted justice in pronouncing gay ‘marriage’ as legal, is up for grabs–and let’s not forget that all three of the above mentioned candidates have liberal preferences for this judicial appointment. It doesn’t seem to matter that all three candidates disregard Judeo-Christian values, traditional family values, and abhor conservatism.

Sadly, morality has taken a back seat to economics. The Almighty Dollar has Trumped Almighty God. Cafeteria Catholicism and phony Evangelicalism have reared up their ugly head again. Reason, faith, and family, have been eclipsed by anger, fear,  and the insidious idolatry of the cult of personality. Bernie, Hillary, and Donald have become main stream media Messiahs.

So, where is God in all of this?

Where he always is when the spit hits the fan.

Outside the city gates hanging on the Cross which we have placed him on in our sins.

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