Smells like a conspiracy to me…


Too many things are happening which will ultimately bring America into full progressive bloom.

Hillary, and her super-delegates, are preparing for coronation. Trump, and his Republican establishment and Fox News minions, are stealing away the election. Polls show Trump doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell against Hillary. The Pope is pushing contraceptives and climate change like a well oiled used car salesmen. Radical racial-division groups like Black Lives Matter, Louis Farrakhan, and the Black Panthers, are chumming up to socialist Bernie, while stoking up racial hatred at a fever pace. Hillary is readying her base for an all out war on the NRA, the 2nd Amendment, and anyone who opposes the criminality of Planned Parenthood. The Supreme Court awaits a 5th liberal.

And anger abounds in a barely United States.

Dopey minions of the Trump bite into every baloney sandwich which he doles out. Hillary leads a coalition of aged Helen Reddy fans, angry black people, and Hispanics seeking for amnesty for their criminal compadres. Bernie has an army of naïve college students, and aged communist Hollywooders. And the main stream media, to include ‘fair and balanced’ Fox News spins away. Cafeteria Catholics worldwide delight in, and manipulate the hell out of, Pope sound byte, pushing his contraceptives and climate change on the piously mesmerized world. And the United Nations awaits the chance to step in and neuter America.

While Obama, Kerry, and the progressive horde finish off Barack’s legacy as Neville Chamberlain in chief, Iran and North Korea build for Armageddon. Putin, the Chinese, and Mexico continue to whore the U.S. government, while Congress waffles in Rhino cowardice.

And an anger abounds in a barely United States.

So, a former rational America seeks for paper tigers, Messiah’s of a secular, progressive, and reality TV sort. Instead of choosing for a Constitutional expert in Ted Cruz, or a foreign policy expert like Marco Rubio, or a sane, fiscally sound John Kasich, or a quality human being like Ben Carson, they favor a socialist, a pathological liar, and a manipulative, spoiled, ranting billionaire.

This is a recipe for disaster.

But all of this is orchestrated by powers both on high, and from the depths of hell. Someone like a George Soros, or a Rupert Murdoch, or both, or even more, are playing the American people like a Stradivarius. The media is pitching, propagandizing, manipulating, 24/7. And the angry citizenry is buying into it hook, line and sinker.

But all of this anger, justifiable as it may be, in the face of so much Washington corruption, and consequent national immorality, from both Republicans and Democrats, leads to the greatest con job ever perpetrated.

No change at all!

For Hillary will win. In Trump winning, Hillary wins. In Hillary winning, Barack wins. In Barack winning, the United Nations, and all of the secularized, post Christian, anti-Constitutional American forces in the world win. In their win is a win for Radical Islam, Iran, North Korea, Putin, socialism and communism worldwide, and a win for the culture of death.

Ultimately, it is a win for the devil.

Now that’s a conspiracy with some biblical and historical undergirding.

God saves us, and wake us up, before it’s too late!

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