The Pope, Trump, and American idolatry


The days where Americans admired religious, national, and world leaders because of the quality of their life, and the truth of their message is long gone.

Now, we have an American idolatry, based on the ‘cult of personality,’ where power, position, persuasion, and ideology trump–pun intended–virtue and veritas (which means truth for those more knowledgeable about Kim Kardashian than real history, genuine religion, classical philosophy, or proven science).

It all starts with Barack Obama. Elected through smoke and mirrors, this teleprompter king promised ‘fundamental change.’ And, baby, he delivered! This terrible typhoon of radicalness–secular, socialist, anarchist, racist, homosexual, feminist, Islamic, you name it–is the prince of all American idols currently ruining the political, economic, and cultural scene.

Can’t people see the anarchy in his every act and intent?

Then we have Pope Francis. Whether treading on topics where he is fallible, the Pope opines anyway on climate change, and the ways and means that nations defend their national borders. Whether overseeing a mess of a Family Synod, or flashing images of monkeys on St. Peters wall, or insinuating contraceptive use against Church Teaching, this walking liberal sound byte maker is a pop sensation. But where are the deeply theological encyclicals? Where are the profound faith insights? Yes, he talks a lot about justice, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. But a parish pastor can do the same. Sadly, when we need a Great Pope, we have been stuck with a good man constantly duped by the main stream media for liberal purposes, many anti-Catholic in nature. Thus, sadly, he is the court jester in the parody of life within the current American idolatry dilemma.

Can’t people see a man far too attached to his socialist South American heritage to be an objective Vicar of Christ?

Then there is Donald Trump. Void of rational depth, void of truth, void of class, void of any semblance of conservatism, this bloviating liberal has mesmerized millions of Americans through his gas-emitting, curse ridden, disrespecting mouth. Never has a man so empty of integrity and wisdom, discounting Barack Obama, been such a compelling figure on the American scene. But the Donald, current king of American idolatry, even claims that he can ‘commit murder’ and retain the support of his hardcore fans.

Can’t people see the potential for a totalitarian?

Others such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders deserve dishonorable mention. But they seem to be background noise in this dark comedy of errors. Americans seem to have this suicidal tendency when seeking political, religious, economic, and cultural leadership. Original sin plays a part in this. The plans of the devil contribute also. But when all is said and done American free will seems to be pulled like a bug to a bug light toward the shallow, the deceptive, and the evil.

The Constitution is shunned in favor of a European-relativistic-progressive tendency which seeks politically correct inclusiveness over religious freedom and Constitutional rights. Foreigners are protected more than natives. Radical individualism is preferred over traditional family values. Cafeteria religion is preferred over Traditional Judeo-Christianity, especially when it comes to morality. Socialism and radical-secularism are preferred to the free market and Traditional Judeo-Christian ethics. Misinformation is rampant. Anger is governmentally fueled. Racism is big business. And big brother is getting bigger, meaner, and more menacing than ever.

And we seek for paper tiger Messiah’s.

Will America wake up to its suicidal tendencies before it’s too late?

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