American schizophrenia, mourning Scalia while hailing his nemesis


America suffers from a peculiar insanity.

While a majority of news networks reported, extensively, on the death of Antonin Scalia, running specially aired programs respecting his legacy, a large majority of the electorate voted this weekend for the anti-Scalia.

Partly because this is exactly what a democracy does, and partly because we are in the midst of a spiritual, cultural war in America, Americans have been speaking out of both sides of their mouth. In other words, America is wrestling with a hypocrisy bordering on schizophrenia.

Many people want to honor the integrity, magnanimity, patriotism, and Constitutional genius of Antonin Scalia. Many Catholics also want to honor a man of great faith. But many of the same people vote for candidates who espouse values which run counter to Mr. Antonin Scalia. Some of this is because a small percentage of people can simultaneously respect his integrity while disagreeing with his politics and religion. But most of this is because America is infected with relativism, cafeteria pick-n-choose Christianity, and is inundated with information overload, most of which is either baloney or rational rubbish.

Consequently, we have a nation full of Catholics who vote for Pro-Choice candidates. This also goes for Evangelicals. Consequently, we have a nation full of Republicans who vote for a candidate who boldly espouses Democratic values. Consequently, we have a nation full of college educated youngsters, reaping the benefit of their parents free market earnings, voting for a socialist. Consequently, and unfortunately, we have the most likely winner of the Presidential process, espousing gender politics while pushing the lie of ‘women’s reproductive rights.’

All this while mouthing praise of Antonin Scalia.

But this isn’t any different than millions of Catholics receiving the Eucharist with one hand and voting for abortion with another. This isn’t any different than Evangelicals turning the bible page with one hand and voting for Donald Trump with another. This isn’t any different than the Supreme Court, the ultimate symbol of American Justice, illegally and immorally redefining marriage. This isn’t any different than any one of the days that Barack Obama has aped the position of President of the United States of America.

Antonin Scalia was staunchly, traditionally Catholic. He was also faithful to the ‘original’ intent of the Constitution.

But we have a President hell bent on destroying both religious freedom and the Constitution as we know it. We have a Congress to weak and cowardly to be a coequal branch with an intimidating bully President (funny how wimpy he is toward the world). We have a main stream media that shapes the news more than it reports it. We have a popular culture that disdains Christianity, traditional family values, and true patriotism. And worst of all, we have a populace all to comfortable being neck deep in relativism, political correctness, secularism, and Post-Christian America.

So, while we laude Antonin Scalia, let’s not freak out when we see ourselves, simultaneously, mocking and attacking him in the mirrors reflection.

After all, its just American schizophrenia.

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