A sign of the times


Donald Trump is not guilty for being Donald Trump.

America is guilty for producing such a creature.

Billionaires, who have their royal rumps kissed on a daily basis, by the Manhattan elites, by the main stream media, by millions of mind numbed minions all across America, have  to bear the responsibility of creating this Frankenstein.

From his early years when he bragged that his atheism was because of his superior intelligence–see his appearance on the Merv Griffin show–to his long history as a Pro-choice advocate, Pro-gay marriage supporter, socialized medicine enthusiast, divorced twice, married three times, with four bankruptcies, and many eminent domain conquests, Donald Trump has received the encouraging adulation of a populace which worshipped him like the golden calf with bad hair.

Many of his minions read his ‘Art of the Deal’ like it is the bible. For them, it is! For Donald is the American High Priest of the religion of success. And his Eucharist is the Almighty Dollar. And this election cycle is the Advent Season for the coming of the Savior Donald Trump.

Thousands of so called Evangelicals flock to the Donald with their votes. Claiming to be the followers of Christ, they offer Donald the keys to the Kingdom with their votes. They place Donald’s worldly success, and a hope for theirs, in the hands of an avowed abortionist, marriage desecrater, and power liberal.

Donald comes first, then comes Jesus.

Republican voters are enraged with the way Washington Republicans have betrayed the people. So, instead of voting for a Republican staunch on protecting the Constitution, religious liberty, and the institution of the family, they vote for a long time limousine liberal well acquainted with the Clintons, with a lifetime stamped with the liberal lifestyle.

Barack Obama represents the direction that America is going. We are left of center, traveling at a rapid speed, aiming for the leftist cliff. We got there because America elected, twice, an anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, anti-life, anti-family President. So, what do we do? We endorse another pap tiger. We find another chameleon filled with empty rhetoric. We seek out another man who does not practice, or believe in, our traditions or beliefs.

America is superficial. America is truly Post-Christian. America is ensnared in the muck of secularism, agnosticism, militant atheism, political correctness, relativism, and pop-induced mediocrity. Old fashioned thinking is a thing of the past. We no longer debate. We hurl insults. We no longer dialogue. We tweet and text. We no longer believe. We evolve.

And Donald Trump is the product of this evolution.

We have evolved from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama and Donald Trump. We have evolved from the Constitution to ‘the Art of the Deal.’ We have evolved from Christianity to pop idolatry. We have evolved from ‘unalienable rights’ to ‘women’s reproductive rights.’ We have evolved from the United States to the disassociated mess that we are currently in.

And America seeks its savior in Donald Trump.

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