Politi-Pope and Saint Trump


What has the world come to?

Where are the rock solid leaders of the past?

Where is Reagan, JPII, or Abraham Lincoln for that matter?

They are nowhere to be found. And if they do exist, they are eclipsed in a culture saturated in loud rhetoric, clever sound bytes, relativism, political correctness, and a primary and secondary educational system saturated in false ideologies.

In a social climate like this, which perpetuates the election of progressives, we have been burdened with the leadership of Barack Obama, the United Nations, and Pope Francis. We are also threatened with the leadership of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump.

Yesterday’s dust up between the Pope and the Donald highlights (lowlights?) this dilemma.

The Pope, all too deep in politics, starting with climate change, and now with the hot topic of our national border and illegal immigration, is an all too easy pawn for the left wing radical in that his speeches are unscripted, and in the fact that he has, unfortunately, been an extremely easy person to misquote, or have his words hijacked for radical political purposes. This has, sadly, been proven time and again in his short reign as Pope.

Like adding fire to a can of gasoline, mixing an all too political Pope, prone to verbal mishaps, with a Presidential candidate who has no respect for person, tradition, religion, or custom, is a disaster waiting to happen.

As a Catholic, this is deeply distressing. As an American, I fear for my child’s future. Pope Francis is a good and holy man. As a Pope he seems in over his head. Controversy, and not the sort which comes with brave Traditional moves in a liberal world, but in liberal moves in an already liberal world, scare Traditional Catholics like me.

As an American, I am equally distressed. Donald Trump has proven himself, in the past, to be a Pro-Choice, Pro gay ‘marriage,’ limousine liberal. In the present he has proven himself to be a loud, obnoxious, disrespectful, deceitful, proud, calculated, liberal in hiding. His minions seem to love him all the more as he lies, threatens, bloviates, swears, and tears down his opponents, with empty and bold, non-delineated promises.

The Pope insinuated that anyone who builds a wall is not a Christian. He is so wrong. Americans have the right to a secure border. Catholic Social Teaching witnesses to this. Politi-Pope  needs to keep to the gospel.

The Pope also insinuated, though he later denied it, that Donald Trump is not a Christian. He is so very right!

And that is why the Donald is so dangerous!

Like Obama, the only god that Donald worships is himself.

When will America ever learn?

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