‘Give us Barabbas’


In what could be spiritually analogous to the Republican and Democratic primaries, the crowds at the Passion of the Christ preferred Barabbas to Jesus. They preferred the renegade, the murderer, the criminal, and the social activist, to the Savior of mankind.

Things don’t change much, do they?

When the Republican party offers the strongest field of principled men and women in years (yes, none of them are perfect, and all of them are in need of the Savior), the crowds prefer Barabbas.

Barabbas comes in many forms.

Barabbas is in the form of an elderly man who speaks from the heart. Unfortunately, this elderly man speaks the condemned heresy of socialism. This elderly man, moreover, like his predecessors Marx, Stalin, Guevara, Castro, and Obama, attracts the semi-innocent weakness of our young people. Like the first socialist, the snake in the garden, he preys on young Adams and Eves.

Barabbas comes in the form of a grandma. This grandma, however, has something different than milk and cookies for her grandchildren. She has many lies. She has Planned Parenthood. She has the blood of four dead Americans in Benghazi. She has an FBI investigation into her illegal e-mail activity. She has a history with Wall Street, with helping to cover up her husbands many sexual escapades, with money dealings with enemies of the United States, and with those pesky lies that return continuously to bite her on her royal rumpus.

Barabbas even comes in orange! Barabbas comes to us as a cursing, yelling, lying, chameleon, who spends his life as a pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage, limousine liberal, miraculously resurrected as a conservative. Barabbas the Donald wants us to believe that he cares more about U.S. than about himself.

But Barabbas is also the product of American Idolatry.

How sad is the reality of so many American celebrities…worshipped by a vast legion of Americans, attempting to fill a God-shaped-hole. UFC fighter Ronda Rousey revealed to the media that after her first loss to Holly Holm she contemplated suicide. How sad it is that some human beings, fed the immortality myth by the media and fans, can’t handle their mortality when it hits them in the face. Adele, a rising pop star, broke into tears when she experienced technical difficulties during a recent performance. How sad it is when stars reveal their total dependence on perfect conditions in an imperfect world. Kanye West, racist rapper extraordinaire,  exploded into a curse filled, threat filled, rant, after Saturday Night Live personnel changed the stage lighting without his permission. Talk about a God complex!

But these men and women are preferred to Jesus Christ. These men and women are the savior to a legion of Americans raised on the religion of secularism, on the philosophy of relativism, and on the language of political correctness, prepared as a crowd/herd for their participation in the current Passion of the Christ, prepared to pick the Barabbas of their own personal choice.

Let the election begin!

Let the Crucifixion take place.

Once again Barabbas reigns…for the short term.

Thank God for the Resurrection.

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