American anger turned stupid


It’s bad enough that America elected the shadow-king, Barack Obama, all style over substance, with what substance there is to see, being progressive and anti-American to the core. He was elected through the fuel of anger. This anger was the anger of the left, the minority, the disenfranchised, and the radical.

But it was anger nonetheless.

Now there is the anger of the right, the equally disenfranchised, the majority, and the traditional. But let’s not forget it is also the anger of the moderate, the lukewarm, the uninformed, and the outright stupid.

Enter Donald Trump.

Sitting in his Ivory Tower in Trump Plaza, in Manhattan, New York, this limousine liberal, Pro-Choicer, and donor to the Clinton cause saw opportunity knock. Ever the self promoter, the Donald recreated himself into an orange faced, bad haired reconstruction of Ronald Reagan, risen from the dead!

Like Obama, Trump claims to be the Messiah. And, like the community organizer in Chief, Donald’s religion is anger gone stupid.

People have a right to be angry. The national debt is fatter than an Oprah feeding frenzy. Middle class incomes have not grown in years. Our national security is more precarious than ever. Constitutional rights are being threatened every day. Illegals flood across our border while entitlements soar. Racial division multiplies. The Supreme Court redefines marriage in an unconstitutional, anti-Christian manner. Traditional family life and Traditional Judeo-Christian belief are under attack every day. And our politicians, those who swear to protect us from inner, and outer, attacks lie to us prodigiously.

So what do we do?

Do we seek to return to the Tradition of both the Church and the founding fathers?


We seek for another Messiah-of-immediate-gratification! Another paper tiger with inflamed rhetoric. Like Barack Obama, Donald Trump is a false messiah built up by the main stream media, puffed up in pride, propped up by grandiose promises, adored for the mirage of strength they exude. Obama was the brown prince who would come in and unite the country through racial harmony, world peace, and progressive tolerance. What we got, instead, is racial division on steroids, Isis gone wild, and the culture of death continuing its genocide. Currently, Donald is the orange faced prince who comes with his ‘art of the deal,’ brash personality, and unconquerable will power–armed with the verbiage of a Reagan conservative. But what we see is the historical baggage of a New York limousine liberal, and the temperament of a spoiled, rude, crude, billionaire, used to having his royal ass kissed.

As a side note we must not forget that this anger is also displayed by a screaming, lying, barking Clinton, under the investigation of the FBI.

But returning to the Donald, and anger, we must consider the American stupidity on display. Everything we are angry about, Donald supports, or has supported in his lifetime. Angry over Planned Parenthood? Donald supports them! Angry over the Bush, Clinton dynasties? Donald financially supported both of them! Angry over Obamacare? Donald has supported socialized medicine? Angry over the racial and socioeconomic division in America? Donald specializes in division! Angry that we have endured nearly 8 years of an incompetent, radical President? Donald never articulates his plans clearly, always relying on ‘Trumpain’ hyperbole to win over the clueless and the classless.

We can hope and pray that America will see the light, become intelligent, and seek candidates with actual plans, and actual integrity. But we all know that stupid people don’t all of a sudden become smart. The reality is that we will be stuck with a Trump versus Hillary Presidency.

Stupid will win the day.

But the question is, will the smart people revive our culture, through faith and reason, before it is too late?

God only knows.


One thought on “American anger turned stupid”

  1. I didn’t see it early on but it is quite clear now… you speak factual truth’s. To a thinking man your article is very reasonable. The question is how many thinking men (and women) are there seeing things clearly?


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