This election is also about possible Supreme Injustice


Picking the next President has never been a more precarious act.

With the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, our next President–if the Republican Congress can maintain the virtue of fortitude–will be picking a Supreme Court Justice. This is vital in a politically charged era, since a choice for a Progressive Supreme Court Judge will point the nations trajectory toward a hyper-left tilt, possibly making certain Constitutional rights precariously vulnerable to reinterpretation, and termination.

It has already happened.

The Supreme Court has already ruled against the right to Life in Roe versus Wade. It has already ruled, in an Unconstitutional manner, for gay ‘marriage,’ ruling against the Constitution in federalizing a decision that should be made by individual states, and ruling against millions of Americans who had already decided for Traditional Marriage on said state level.

So the precedent has already been set.

Add Barack Obama and the progressive agenda of ‘fundamental change.’ Consider Hillary an extension of this agenda. Consider Bernie as a socialist twist in its social continuance. Consider the Donald, and his long associations with the Clintons, as a possible contributor.

Consider the stakes.

Our 2nd Amendment is ripe for the picking. After all, an unarmed citizenry is a vulnerable people. Consider religious liberty. Catholic priests, Protestant pastors, and Judeo Christian spokespersons who preach the gospel concerning Traditional Marriage, Christian teaching on homosexuality, and the evils of abortion, might be more prone than ever to the chopping block of political correctness. Consider freedom of speech. The radio waves are dominated by conservatism. The internet is dominated by much free thinking–some absurd, some provocative. All subject to the discernment of the prevailing progressive movement. Consider the green agenda, married with massive government regulations on traditional sources of fuel, all hitting the economics of millions of Americans very hard. Consider illegal immigration, unemployment, immigrant invasion into the workforce, driving down salaries. Consider with it the threat of Radical Islam  and the invasion of Sharia Law. Consider Sanctuary Cities, and political correctness, protecting these criminals and terrorists.

Now consider the average voter.

Millions of ‘millennials’ are infatuated with the historically inept, and evil, socialistic system. Millions of voters are infatuated with Hillary’s gender driven campaign, unaffected by her laundry list of lies. Millions of Americans are zombie like in their adoration of the grand chameleon Donald Trump. Style over substance. Propaganda over truth. Sound bytes over great ideas. Stereotypes over reality. Anger over sound vetting.

But the problems just keep growing.  Our national debt. Illegals flooding past the southern border. Iran, and North Korea, making explosive menace. Isis terrorizing. But now, with America’s moral and ethical future hanging in the balance, this Presidential election becomes almost infinitely more important.


Is the future of our nation of almost infinite value when you realize that our children will inherit our decisions?  What will be of the millions of unborn souls aborted, and the many euthanized if we get this election wrong? What of our citizenry living in lessened freedoms because of our selfish, foolish choices? What of the world when we vote for a weaker, more progressive, more politically correct ‘culture of death’ and indifference?

2016 is about more than who sits in the Oval Office. It could possibly mean the choice for Supreme Injustice. It could mean the demise of the Constitution, the demise of a Judeo-Christian America. The demise of the greatest force for justice this side of the gospel…the United States of America.

God bless us in our vote.

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