With the passing of Justice Scalia, we need Ted Cruz


With the unfortunate passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, America is on the precipice of leaning to the left so far as to fall of the cliff of sanity forever. For Barack Obama, with the complicit wimpiness of the Republican Congress, has the power to replace this great and patriotic Justice with another anti-Constitutional radical.

Compounding this danger with the possibility of a Sanders, Clinton, or Trump Presidency, none of them particularly in love with the Constitution, America is in danger of leaving the Constitution, at least as it was viewed by the founding fathers, in the rear view mirror forever.

Enter Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is the only candidate, not only intimately experienced with the Constitution, but, in love with it. With a Trump Presidency we are in danger of another imperial personality like Barack Obama running roughshod over the Constitution in the vain glory of supposed pragmatism. Hillary Clinton, faithful to one principle, herself, brings the same negative potential. One can only wonder what a Socialist like Bernie Sanders would do with the Constitution? Bush, Kasich, and Rubio? We have already experienced what the Republican Establishment has done to our Constitutional rights.

Only Ted Cruz stands alone as the candidate most willing, and capable, of returning our nation to the path first tread by our founding fathers in the pure, and original, intents and purposes of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Radical Islam has infiltrated our nation. With it comes the threat of Sharia Law in our land. Illegal immigration pours forth every day with no end in sight. Our Second Amendment has a ‘bulls-eye’ on it. Religious persecution of Christians in America is becoming business as usual. Radical homosexuality has found a home in our governmental process. The breakdown of the America family is an ongoing project of the left. Political Correctness strangles our free speech and national dialogue. Socialism creeps into our economy everyday as the Nanny State grows. The free market shrinks as regulations increase, and the national debt soars.

America is slowly becoming, through the artful deception of progressives, another Europe.

And we all know how much of a failure that has been for our friends overseas.

The time is ripe for Catholics, Judeo-Christians of all sorts, and patriotic Americans to put their money where there mouth is and back a President who is first, and foremost, a Constitutional conservative. It’s time to dump the anger candidate, the safe establishment candidate, the socialist, and the liar.

It’s time to elect the only sane choice.

And his name is Ted Cruz.

God bless America!

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