15 sins cafeteria Catholics must give up for Lent


Cafeteria Catholicism is more than a blemish on the Body of Christ.

It is a malignant cancer!

In a relativist, secularist American society, which prides itself on the mirage of inclusiveness, Traditional Catholics who call their phony, counterfeit brothers and sisters to task are ridiculed as intolerant, non-compassionate, and unacceptable.

But truth be told…truth must be told!

For Lent to be a season of forgiveness, a season of Mercy, all sinners, to include the counterfeit cafeteria Catholic, must repent of their most mortal of sins.

Here are 15 suggestions for our brothers and sisters of the chameleon Catholic persuasion:

  1. Contrary to pop belief, there is no such thing as a Pro-Choice Catholic. Just as there can be no Jesus of death, there can be no such true disciple of Christ. Abortion is anathema to true Catholicism. And anyone who supports, endorses, funds, and protects such a heinous act is spiritually excommunicated by the Holy Spirit, whether they acknowledge it or not.
  2. Catholic support for Barack Obama is tantamount to early Christian support for the Roman Caesars who put them to death in the Coliseum. A Pro-Abortion, pro religious persecution President cannot be supported by a true Catholic.
  3. Cardinals such as Walter Kasper, and those that support remarriage for divorced Catholics, and reception of the Eucharist for such individuals, must cease and desist in their internal Trojan Horse attack on Holy Mother Church.  Cardinals and bishops (and Popes) must denounce them with more clarity.
  4. Pope’s should get out of the climate change endorsing business.
  5. Catholics that force contraception on unwilling disciples through government mandates, and Catholics that cafeteria pick contraceptives for personal abuse are committing a sin against the Creative Will of God.
  6. Catholics even remotely tied to the ‘culture of death’ in euthanasia, cloning, or any coming biotechnical atrocity, are guilty of the sin of trying to play God.
  7. Catholics who vote Democrat, vote anti-Judeo-Christian values. Plain and simple, the Democratic party is the party of the devil.
  8. Catholics that support Bernie Sanders and socialism are Catholics that are not in tune with  the writings of the Popes, Catholic Social Teaching, and a long history of Socialistic atrocities such as committed by the Nazis and the U.S.S.R.
  9. Catholics who ignore the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and receive the Eucharist while participating in cafeteria choices such as contraception, divorce and remarriage, and a philosophical and financial support of anti-Catholic ideas which promote the ‘culture of death’ are committing a grave sin against the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
  10. Catholics who support gay marriage are against the Supreme Truth, revealed by Jesus Christ, about the Sacrament of Matrimony. Catholic supporters of gay marriage do violence to true Marriage by bearing witness to a lie.
  11. Catholics who espouse the philosophy of relativism, and speak the language of political correctness denounce, in word and act, the sublime truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ…with all of its mercy and justice.
  12. Catholics who worship Pope Francis for the liberal they perceive him to be, whether that be true or not, destroy the true message sent by the Pope in faith and morals set by Jesus Christ. The Pope mustn’t be a political tool, or a tool to advance radical agendas which oppose Church Teaching.
  13. Catholics who vote for pragmatists such as Donald Trump, ignoring his liberal baggage, and immoral personality, do grave injustice to the gift of American freedom exercised in the right to vote.
  14. Catholics who are radical in any way, in feminism, in racial warfare, in progressivism, in scientism, in socialism, in the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens, are not acting from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Catholics who cannot face the dangers of Radical Islam with honesty and courage, calling this atrocity by its true name, cannot claim martyrdom when the killers come for their heads. Political correctness and Catholic honesty are not synonymous!

God bless!

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