The antithesis of Christian manhood


Christian manhood is more about ‘personality’ than it is about ‘individuality.’

It is more about the Cross and less about the crown.

It is more about God and less about self.

Personality is what makes a person who they really are. It is prior to consciousness, prior to liberty. A persons ‘personality’ is found in reality. Who we are in God. It is not who we think we are, wish we were, or what we think we can make of ourselves. Individuality, on the other hand, is a fact of matter. Two men are individuated by the fact that they have two different bodies. But some men, inspired by pride, think that the ultimate personification of ‘personality’ results from victory, domination, success, and personal glory. These men shun the only model of true Christian personality in Jesus Christ, preferring the model of individuality set by the devil himself.

These men would be the antithesis of the true person, the true man, Jesus Christ.

Donald Trump is such a man.

Donald is the king of insult. As Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh, Goodness personified, a Goodness which always seeks to communicate itself in the gospel, Donald Trump is the master of the word meant to destroy all opposition. As God is Love, and Jesus Christ is the personality of charity, Donald Trump’s modus operandi is self love. As necessary as it is for the President of the United States to be a grand communicator, inspiring and uniting our nation in the common cause of justice, Donald Trump has proven himself incapable of this grand task through a constant propensity to obliterate all opposition through vulgarities, disparities, and verbal atrocities. After all, the Christian man is a man of self-control, limiting himself in self-sacrifice for the greater Love of God. Donald Trump knows no such bounds since there is no greater love for him than love for self.

Donald Trump is the antithesis of the Cross. Jesus Christ gave of himself in Perfection for the salvation of sinners. Donald Trump crushes middle aged women through eminent domain for the salvation of his Casino parking lot. Jesus, in a perfect example of Christian manhood, bore with the imperfections of the apostles to form them into ‘fishers of men.’ Donald Trump, in the perfect example of the greedy Monopoly man, befriended the Clintons, divorced two women, and slept with opponents wives, all for the glory of Trump Enterprises.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and for a thousand years. The Christian man is a man of uncompromising conviction. Donald Trump, not so long ago, before his conservative ‘conversion,’ was all for partial birth abortion, socialized medicine, gay ‘marriage,’ and described his values as ‘New York values.’ Donald Trump is not a man of the gospel. He is not a man of the Church. And Donald, with ‘two Corinthians’ is not a man of God’s Word. Donald is a man of the world. Donald is a master manipulator. Donald, like the father of lies, is a man that shouts out in the night: ‘I will not serve.’

Who we really are is based on the reality of God’s Loving Creation. Personality is perfectly exemplified in the humanity of Jesus as his humanity was perfected in submission to the Will of His Divinity. Christian manhood, therefore, is more about becoming like Christ or, rather, allowing Christ to take over our lives. It is less about becoming a ‘Christ,’ or taking over not only our own lives, but the lives of others.

For a Catholic-Christian voter, this is very important to consider.

Do we really want to vote for the antithesis of Christian manhood in, probably, the most powerful, influential position in the world? Isn’t it our Christian duty to choose the best person, the truest personality, closest to Christ?


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