The Super Bowl of super sick messages


The Super Bowl isn’t just another football game.

The Super Bowl is a magnet of attention for a nation with a very limited attention span. Therefore, advertisers, politicians, ideologues, extremists, and anarchists saturated the airways during this gridiron battle.

In a time period dedicated to more than who would win the NFL Championship game, all of the usual suspects arose from their sepulchers.

NARAL, an organization dedicated to glorifying the sad reality of abortion, attacked ‘twitter style,’ the Doritos commercial which committed the great sin of ‘humanizing’ a fetus. Besides for the basic banality of the American commercial enterprise in yesterdays mediocre bunch of Super Bowl commercials, there was obligatory political correctness paid toward homosexuality and promiscuity.

The half time show was a propaganda blitz for ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the Presidential ideology of Barack Obama. Dressed like Black Panthers, Beyoncé and cohorts sang an obligatory progressive anti-cop rap song, wrapping up the festivities, in unison with Bruno Mars, shouting ‘Black Lives Matter.’

It’s always great, moreover, to start the festivities with an infamous liberal like lady Gaga aping the national anthem. But the greatest fraud was perpetuated by the mainstream sports media, which Coronated the Carolina Panthers, and Cam Newton, forgetting that the Denver Broncos would even show up.

And this wasn’t done for simple football reasons.

You see, politically, the Carolina Panthers fit the progressive mold. For weeks, TV networks like ESPN, and a bunch of advertising agencies, have been lauding the Panthers Hispanic head coach Ron Rivera and his black quarterback Cam Newton. It seemed very important to the sports media to remind everyone that Cam was black. It also seemed necessary to show the humanity and compassion of this young man. Cam was being sold as the new face of the NFL. Cam seemed to enjoy this attention as he joined in to remind people that he was not accepted by many because he was ‘a black quarterback.’ Wow! Cam needs to wake up and smell the coffee. He isn’t the first black quarterback. And if he ever wins a Super Bowl, he won’t be the first black quarterback to do so. And his sore loser antics won’t exactly help his brand name either.

In the end, this San Francisco treat didn’t offer the American people everything they understand represents them in the great game of American football. From obnoxious commercials, to baby killer endorsing tweets, to a Super Bowl show perpetrated by a race dividing Castro Communist, all the way through a spoiled brat, sore loser quarterback, coddled by the politically correct media, the Super Bowl was anything but super.

But at least the Denver Broncos showed up.

God bless.

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