Why Clint-rump eats their babies for breakfast


Evil flocks to evil as a fly swarms on dung.

The depravity of American society, the fault of both Republicans and Democrats, has spawned a generation of ‘reality TV’ fools who know more about Kim Kardashian than they know about Abraham Lincoln. Truthfully, a nation fully embracing abortion for more than four decades, and ever-increasing its embrace of gay ‘marriage,’ can only court what it truly loves.


American depravity, therefore, has its own establishment figures. It has the secularist, atheist, utilitarian, eminent-domain-billionaire, Donald Trump. It also has the gender wielding, political chameleon, Hillary Clinton.

Both eat their babies for breakfast.

Donald bullies middle aged women for more parking space in his Casino. He champions partial birth abortion, while bragging about sleeping with the wives of his business competitors. Donald champions gay ‘marriage,’ and socialized medicine while propping up the Clinton dynasty through substantial donations to their ‘foundation.’

Miraculously, Donald sees the light!

Like St. Paul, Donald falls to the ground to become conservative, and a Christian!

But Jesus warned us to judge the tree by its fruit. And Mr. Orange face has been putting a lot of rotten fruit out of late! Witness his sore loser status the week following the Iowa debate. Witness the ‘f’ bomb dropped at a New Hampshire speech. Witness his cheap shot at Ted Cruz in the final minutes of the most recent debate.

Donald is rotten to the core. Too hot headed to be President, this undercover Manhattan limousine liberal is as dangerous to our nation as the current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama is. If you think that Donald won’t push his own agenda in Un-Constitutional Executive orders, you are very naïve. If you think that he won’t eat the baby of our freedom for breakfast, in his lust and pride, you are out and out stupid.

Then there’s Hillary.

At least Donald will cook the baby first. In her bloodlust for power, Hillary has already proven that everyone is expendable. See Benghazi. She has already proven that every law is surmountable. See her e-mail saga. She has already proven that no lie is worth withholding, no payoff is worth refusing, and no radical group worth refuting, all for the glory of the Clintons.

Funny, but the last time a Clinton ran for President a goofy Billionaire named Ross Perot ran and divided the Republican vote. Funny how another goofy Billionaire all of a sudden seeks to set the conservative world on fire! But anybody with half a brain, and a quarter of integrity, sees right through this sham.

So the next time you wonder what Hillary and Trump are having for breakfast, think of your children, and grandchildren’s, future being eaten by the lust and pride of the Depravity Establishment.

God bless America…before it’s too late.

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