Expect ABC to butcher the Republicans


The American Broadcasting Company, better known as ABC, also affiliated with Disney, is not exactly a bastion of Traditional American values. ABC, moreover, is a staunch supporter of the Hillary Clinton bid for the Presidency. Add the fact that ABC is very unfriendly with Traditional Catholicism, as witnessed by some of its prime time television shows, and you can see why, tonight, the Judeo-Christian tradition, Constitutional freedoms, Traditional family values, and conservatism, will be under heavy attack by the right arm of the radical left wing fringe in America.

With an open salvo on the Republican party, ABC disallowed Carly Fiorina from participating in the debate, siting her recent poll numbers. Actually, Carly finished ahead of both Chris Christie and John Kasich in Iowa. What really is happening here is that ABC wants to paint, for the masses of uninformed voters, the picture of an all male, misogynistic, Republican party, in opposition to the Hillary Gender Salvation parade.

Expect ABC to unleash the Trump!

By loosening ‘the Kraken,’ ABC hopes to show the world that all Republicans are uncouth buffoons like the Donald. Also, by unleashing the orange faced tyrant, ABC hopes to diminish the respectability of the one true conservative on stage, in Ted Cruz.

In a powerful display of distraction, and political slight of hand, expect ABC to diminish the depth and intelligence of this rich group of relatively young and talented Republicans by constantly pitting them against each other. Unable to hide the facts–that the Republican party better represents America demographically (two Hispanics, one Black, one female), ABC will try and bring out the anger within the Republican base, hoping to paint the Republicans as an intolerant, non-compassionate bunch.

Also hidden will be that fact that the Democrats have only two candidates! One, an avowed Socialist! And the other, a lifelong crony of Wall Street, a woman with record high poll numbers for not being trusted by the American public.

But what will come to the fore will be ABC dissecting, polemicizing, exaggerating, baiting, duping, alluding, and tempting toward anti-Moslem, anti-illegal immigration, anti-abortion, anti-federally funding of Planned Parenthood, anti-legalized pot, and pro-war rhetoric.

For ABC is not in it for the news folks!

ABC is in it for the cause. Not the Judeo-Christian cause. Not the Constitutional cause. Not any cause that promotes and protects our families. Their cause is progressivism. It is political correctness. It is the dogma of relativism. It is for the continuation of the ‘fundamental change’ Barack Obama initiated over 7 years ago. It is the cause of the radical. Whether feminist, gay, Islamic, illegal alien, socialist, atheist, or whatever comes our way from the lunatic fringe, ABC is for the cause!

So viewer beware.

Expect dishonesty, debauchery, and deception. After all, it’s prime time 2016 America.

God save our nations soul…

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