Jesus, and the devil, in last nights Iowa Caucus

The Temptation of ChristAry Scheffer, 1854
The Temptation of Christ Ary Scheffer, 1854

Jesus was clearly in the results when the son of a preacher, who really believes what his dad preaches, beat a man who carries a bible which he never opens.

The devil was clearly in the results when the Democratic victor was, unofficially, decided by the miracle of 6 consecutive coin tosses won by Hillary Clinton.

Jesus was clearly in the results when the people spoke, definitively, and chose a man of principle over a man with a lot of bucks!

The devil was clearly in the results when CNN and MSNBC preempted Ted Cruz’s victory speech to share the Coronation of the Queen.

Jesus was clearly in the process as Republican voters had multiple choices of which to choose from through informed reason and the filter of their Judeo-Christian faith.

The devil was clearly in the process as the Democratic minion was forced to choose between a Socialist and the inevitable winner, Hillary Clinton.

Jesus was in the evening as Ted Cruz thanked his family, Donald Trump showed class in defeat, and Marco Rubio shared his positive message for America.

The devil was clearly in the evening as Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC downplayed the importance of the Judeo-Christian vote in Iowa.

Jesus was clearly in the process as reality (voters), trumped fantasy, propaganda, and speculation in poll results.

The devil is clearly still running the process as the media moves on to further spin truth in New Hampshire.

Jesus was spoken for as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio defended the Right to Life, Traditional Marriage and Religious Liberty.

The devil was spoken for as Hillary Clinton spoke of the defense of ‘women’s reproductive rights,’ ‘gay rights,’ and the need to strip American’s of Constitutional rights.

Jesus spoke to the nation through the buffoonery of the Socialist Bernie Sanders. Think of it as a holy wake up call to the pathetic nature of the Democratic party in America.

The devil spoke through the Republican party as politics-as-usual pundits started the minimization of the conservative victory won by Ted Cruz.

Jesus was in Bernie Sander’s, genuineness, and in his graciousness toward Hillary Clinton.

The devil, however,  is stamped all over Bernie’s ideology.

Jesus is in the hope for a better America.

The devil is in the anger and hatred that hijacks this desire.

Jesus is in the candid talk about what ails our great nation.

The devil controls dialogue with the deceptive duplicity of political correctness.

Jesus is in the family life of the Cruz’s and the Rubio’s.

The devil hides in Hillary’s shadow in the form of Bill, and in the divorces of the Donald.

Jesus sings with the unborn as Cruz and Rubio promise a new ‘culture-of-life.’

The devil rejoices as Hillary promises to keep unborn hell-on-earth federally funded.

Jesus is in the salt-of-the-earth Iowans.

The devil wears the Prada of the Manhattan media.

Jesus is in a November election where the people freely choose who best represents what America really stands for.

The devil is in the inevitable Coronation of Hillary…unless of course she is indicted…but, then again, she is the woman of 6 consecutive coin toss wins!

Where did you see Jesus and the devil last night?

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