The quasi-Christian voter


People don’t get it.

Voting is one of the most important responsibilities an American, and particularly a Judeo-Christian American, has in their lifetime. Incorrect votes have consequences. Politics is not just a game. Not just a personal preference. Moreover, the old shut-you-down-before-you-start-tactic of not bringing up ‘religion and politics,’ in public and private discourse, has contributed to the degeneration of our once great nation, resulting in both intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy.

Another lie, told by both atheistic-secularists, and pie-in-the-sky Christians, is that religion and politics shouldn’t mix.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When Jesus’ gospel does not confront abortion, Christians are complicit in murder. When Christians vote for Pro-choice candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in effect, they vote for the execution of the unborn. When Christians vote for socialists like Bernie Sanders, they vote for a political system set up to coddle the human person in entitlements, in effect, destroying human dignity in the lost freedom of self expression through personal ingenuity and effort. Socialism also robs winners and rewards losers–in other words, it goes against reality, which reveals it as a lie. When Christians vote for politicians who support gay marriage, contraception on demand–and by governmental force (HHS mandate)–and euthanasia, they thumb their nose at God’s grand plan for the Sacrament of Marriage, they thumb their nose at the foundational human right to Life, and they practice the ultimate form of idolatry in deciding who lives and who dies, in effect, playing God Almighty.

Add all the cafeteria Judeo-Christian choices together and you get the mess we are currently in right now.

Imagine people with the audacity to call themselves Evangelicals voting for a limousine liberal, Donald Trump, who has openly supported partial birth abortion, gay marriage, divorce-on-demand, and sexual promiscuity with the wives of business rivals.

Imagine Catholics voting for Hillary Clinton, Pro-choice, Pro-gay ‘marriage,’ Pro-HHS mandate, Pro-gun control, Pro illegal immigration, and the pioneer of the successful 21st century liar.

Imagine Judeo-Christians voting for a flaming socialist like Bernie Sanders. Where in the tenets of Judeo-Christianity, in the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church, can you find any laudatory comments for a political system set up to micromanage the human person?

It all begs the question?

Do Judeo-Christians in America invite Jesus into the voter booth? And if they do, is it the Jesus of Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium, or is it the Swiss-cheese Jesus of progressive, radical, evolutionary, and sentimental imagination, found in the cafeteria of relativism run amok, guided by political correctness ?

So, those of us who have been baptized. Those of us who have been Confirmed in the Holy Spirit. Those of us who have sacramentally confessed our sinfulness and have gone on to receive the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Those of us who profess Christianity: we will be judged by who we vote for.   

Trump for Christ? Hillary for Jesus? Bernie for Divine Truth?

Explain that to God…


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