We need meat…they feed us pudding


The President, the Pope, and the Trump all have one thing in common. When their children cry for the substantial food of meat, they fill the child’s mouth with the immediately gratifying, yet nutritionally absent, bowl of pudding. When the hungry cry for the thick, juicy cut of objective truth, no matter how personally challenging it may be, they offer the easily palatable pudding of popular sentiment and progressive sweetness.

When Americans wanted change, they voted for Barack Obama. What they got was ‘the culture of death’ on steroids. What they wanted was a better economy, and better, and more just, race relations. Instead of delivering on his promises with the meat of justice, Obama fed them the pudding of progressivism, socialism, political correctness, and a spirit of anti-Judeo-Christianity, not to mention anti-Constitutionalism, unparalleled in American history. When all is said and done, Obama’s pudding added over 10 Trillion to the national debt, increasing the mediocrity of the American economy, and setting back race relations two or three decades.

What Catholics wanted was split. Traditional Catholics wanted a continuation of the JPII legacy as practiced by Benedict XVI. What radical, cafeteria Catholics wanted was on par with the change seen in the Obama Revolution. Pope Francis has been more of the champion of the latter. When flexing his muscles in protection of Catholic Tradition, Francis seems a puny man. Yet, when flexing his muscles in unison with progressive world leaders, Francis is a mighty saint of near heresy. His guidance of a near-heretical Synod on the Family, his endorsement of the pseudo-science of climate change, and his feel good buffoonery, such as giving Communion to Lutherans, have made this Papa a pudding pusher.

Americans across this great nation hunger for integrity in their elected leaders. Then comes Trump. Flexing his billionaire mirage of invincibility, Trump conveniently hides his pro-abortion, pro gay marriage, pro divorce, pro eminent domain, and pro socialized medicine past. This former monetary contributor to the Clinton Foundation feeds his mindless minions on the pudding of slogans, rants, balderdash promises, and entertaining, politically correct, comedian soundbytes. What the nation needs is a leader who exemplifies true conservatism in limited government, a return to Constitutional principles, and the bedrock of American greatness, Judeo-Christian values. Truthfully, however, Trump can deliver on none of these since he is a mere pudding pushing propagandist.

And let’s not forget the pudding pushing liar Hillary Clinton, and the pudding pushing socialist, Bernie Sanders, not to mention the myriad of pudding pushers in Cardinal red, and the holy garb of bishop, infiltrating the hungry world of Catholicism, where only the fullness of truth, sans progressive diminution, can fill their hearts and minds.

God bless!

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