Stupid America’s love for the phony bastard


Barack Obama has masqueraded himself as a piece of chocolate, only to be revealed as a poopy turd smeared on the bottom of the average American’s sneaker. The problem with this disrespectful analogy is that the dog ‘turdiness’ of Obama was openly revealed to an American public which did not want to face the truth. His terrorist associations with Bill Ayers and the ‘Weather Underground,’ his upbringing by his Communist-card-carrying-uncle, and anti-American dad, his championing of partial birth abortions while Senator of Illinois, his blatant socialism, and his soaring, but empty, rhetoric did nothing to alarm an American population too stupid to see the harbinger of disaster, while all too eager to inaugurate, in a wimpy, pathetic political correctness, the black prince of American salvation.

And the same stupidity drives the coronation of Donald J Trump.

But, before I start on Trump, let me just mention that the same stupidity applies to the supporters of the supreme liar in Hillary Clinton, and the supreme absurdity of electing a socialist like Bernie Sanders.

When things get bad, Americans double down on stupidity.

Now on to Trump.

Donald is the ultimate chameleon. In his book ‘the Art of the Deal,’ Donald brags about sleeping with the wives of his business competitors. But dumb ass American evangelicals still look at him with gospelly google eyes. Add the fact that Trump has been divorced twice, married three times, supported partial birth abortion and gay marriage, and you wonder if the Iowa evangelicals are all inbred fools. Trump would sell his soul to the devil to get a deal.

He already has.

Trump’s history reveals extensive deals with the Clintons’ to include a 100,000 donation to the Clinton foundation. Just seven years ago Trump revealed himself as a liberal with ‘New York values.’ His practice of ’eminent domain’ has left middle aged widows homeless while he reaped the benefit of property for his Casino.

Always out of control, this funny haired, orange faced buffoon, plays the intimidation card at all times. Facts never stop Donald from attacking his adversaries from every angle. Personal attacks on looks, gender, sexuality, or whatever Donald Buffoon can think of, always seem to get the applause of a nation on stupidity steroids. Faking his way through Scripture quotes in front of Iowans, babbling like ‘angry cat’ during his mediocre debate victories, fudging a ‘natural born citizen’ crisis to fend off a REAL conservative, and hogging up the airways with is empty plans to ‘make America great again,’ Donald has illustrated the extent of American brain damage.

Only an idiot would think that all of this was Presidential.

But, then again, America is obviously full of blooming idiots.

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