‘Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…’


‘Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you…’

World leadership has gone to hell. Clown princes of progressivism have replaced princes of honor, and jokers of the cult-of-personality have replaced Presidents and Popes and people of historically significant virtue.

Here are some of the clown princes, and jokers, destroying our world today:

Barack Hussein Obama: Born in Hawaii, raised abroad, this enemy of ‘American exceptionalism’ somehow became the Commander in Chief of the United States of America. His Presidency has been a cruel joke for Pro-Lifers, Judeo-Christians, and for those loyal to the Constitution. This clown has done more damage to the United States of America than any army of combatants, to include all of the armies of World Wars I and II. No terror attack, or Russian or Chinese plot has done more harm to our nation than that which has been perpetrated by this scrawny social assassin.

Pope Francis: In the wake of his daily activities as the Vicar of Christ, this soft, South American, sentimentalist has weakened the very foundation of our Holy Mother Church. Whether opining for ‘climate change,’ or flashing monkeys on Vatican walls, or inviting ambiguity into doctrine, dogma, discipline and liturgy, this pop sensation has crept his brand of South American socialism and progressivism into the Body of Christ like the ultimate Trojan horse. And, like the first man on our list, he promises more ‘changes’ to come.

Hillary Clinton: She defies moral gravity! Never in history have we witnessed such a profound liar reach the heights of public office with such social acceptance. Hitler didn’t lie. He told Germans exactly what his diabolical intents were. Hillary, on the other hand, is the queen of the art of deception. What makes her more disgusting is that she will use her womanhood to secure the Presidency, all the while destroying other women’s lives through the lies of radical feminism, and the ‘culture of death.’

Donald Trump: Coming in a close second to Hillary in deception, this clown prince of ‘pomp and circumstance’ has advanced himself as a conservative and a Judeo-Christian through the same cunning which made him famous in his ‘Art of the Deal.’ With a tanning-bed-tan, and a Billion dollar comb-over, this chameleon elite preys on the gullibility of a worshipping herd of social idiots.

Bill O’Reilly: A moderate to the core, all Bill ever cares about is ratings. Judging conservatives as equally ‘out there’ as liberals, Bill has continually done our nation a disservice through watering down truth through the lukewarm approach of a centrist. Maybe Bill’s next book should be called ‘Killing America.’

Black America: Boo hoo! We don’t have any Oscar nominations. Boo hoo! We don’t have enough black head coaches in the NFL. Boo hoo! We need ‘Black Lives Matter’ because we continually vote for Democrats who enslave us on entitlements and drive our sons to die in drug wars in inner cities. Well Black America, its your own fault! With BET, NAACP, the Rooney Rule, and Black Lives Matter, you continue to live in days gone by. Grow up and join America, and earn your stripes.

Hollywood: Perverts, liars, anarchists, ideologues, socialists, homosexuals, radical feminists, anti-Catholic bigots…did I forget anything?

The View: I guess everyone gets a TV show. Even clueless, classless, entitled, spoiled, radical feminist, unpatriotic, anti-Christian cows.

The USCCB: Will they champion the continuing fight for the unborn after they toast their soon to come SCOTUS victory over the death penalty? Will they bask with liberals, as rapists and murderers are spared, while innocent babies are butchered with federal funding?

The Democratic party: Who kills more? Isis or the Democrats? Who is more financially funded? With abortion and contraception and the demographic winter, Democrats kill more than any sword of Allah.

Radical Islam: What kind of God do they worship which drives them to rape, child molestation, persecution, murder, and terrorism?

Any further suggestions?

Published by: Thomas Yanoti MTS

I am a graduate of Ave Maria University--the Institute for Pastoral Theology (IPT), with a Master of Theological Studies degree (MTS). I love Theology. I love the Church. I love the Sacraments, particularly the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and the Most Blessed Sacrament--the Eucharist. I love them most because they bring me closer to the Mercy of Jesus. I also love His Truth...found in His Church's Teaching and in Sacred Scripture. I hope to share this Treasure Chest of Wisdom, and learn from the people of God I encounter in this blog. For in each of us is the Holy Spirit of God, and each of us brings Jesus to each other in our shared faith, hope, and charity.

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