Why Socrates and Plato endorse Ted Cruz


The imaginary, yet truthful, modern philosopher, Forrest Gump, best summed up the American political dilemma: ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’

Subsequently, Americans have voted twice for a rhetorically bloated, yet shallow, caricature of a leader in Barack Obama. And now, after the supposed earth shattering endorsement of air-head Sarah Palin, Americans are about to do it again with the ultimate chameleon, Donald Trump.

With Obama, Americans were enticed by the cheap candy of ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ The results have been disastrous. And instead of reforming their diet, seeking for the solid nutrition of leadership chosen through reason, faith, and common sense, all equally utilized in picking our next President, Americans once again are choosing their diet based on convenience, comfort and immediate gratification.

Hence, the cheap chocolate of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and, to the most dangerous degree, Hillary Clinton.

Gone are the days when a vast majority of Americans chose their leaders based on objective truth, Judeo-Christian principles, and trust in the personal integrity of the candidate. Nowadays Americans claim to be Catholic, or Judeo-Christian, or evangelicals, yet put their vote for baby killers, and homosexual matrimonialists, like Barack Obama, or in three times divorced, Pro-partial birth abortion, Pro-gay marriage reality TV stars like Donald J. Trump.

Gone are the days when dialogue and debate brought about earnest contemplation on which candidate truly embodied what America is all about. Nowadays, Presidents are picked because they are slogan masters, creating puppets, herds, and minions, all hooked on the ultimate high of a twitter, Facebook, or TV soundbyte.

Enter Socrates and Plato.

There is a reason that the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church respected the thought process of the ancient, classical philosophers. For, unlike the relativistic knee jerk personal preferences of voters today, the ancients sought out truth on truths terms. In days gone by, Tradition was reverenced as an invaluable source of Wisdom in making important decisions. In days gone by, moreover, nature had a law, and so did God. Truth spoke and people listened. Nowadays, tradition is trashed as archaic and superstitious, nature has laws imposed upon it, and God is the ultimate cafeteria lunch lady.

Consequently, the Constitution is trashed, the family is destroyed, and Life is no longer protected in the eyes of God. But ‘Catholics’ and ‘evangelicals’ still claim to seek a reform of the American Spirit, fighting for Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional rights.

Yeah, right!

How can this be true when they endorse caricatures of Christianity, and mock semblances of classical thought? Barack Obama? You gotta be kidding me! Empty rhetoric, however soaring in style, is still empty when accompanied by anarchy. And, in the case of Donald Trump, money, power, and fame never make up for a shallowness of thought and spirit evidenced by  a life spent in liberal values.

But then again, especially for the ‘Catholic’ and the ‘evangelical,’ Forest Gump foresaw their sweet tooth for stupidity.

God bless!

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