The High Priest of the One World Religion


It’s a fallacy to believe that the (conspiracy) theory of the One World Religion would involve actual belief in God, or in a ‘god.’ For Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam are mere stepping stones for the real religion of the world…prosperity.

Jesus Christ is nice if he can get me a new car. Allah is all the rage if he can get me 70 hot virgins. Yahweh is cool if he can land me that good job. Bottom line, worship will always be paid to the person most capable of bringing people significant increases to their bank account.

Pro-Life, Pro-Traditional Marriage, Constitutional rights…blah, blah, blah. What really wins elections, what really makes for kings, lords, diva’s and, yes, gods! is the power to provide for immediate gratification and personal comfort. The Eucharist of this perennial fallen religion is the hope which is found in the promises made by the newest purveyor of prosperity.

Enter the High Priest Donald Trump.

Succeeding the former High Priest Barack Obama, lord and purveyor of entitlements and socialized medicine, the new god, with the old hairdo, promises ‘big’ and ‘great’ and ‘wonderful’ things through the ‘art of the deal.’ This former pro abortionist, and former supporter of gay marriage, thrice divorced, now an Evangelical Christian, and a staunch conservative, understands the religious needs of the masses. That is why he has reappeared from a brief stint in central-casting as the politically incorrect savior of all that is patriotic, Constitutional, Christian and true in America!

But this is all secondary to what makes him truly appealing to the masses.

What turns him from a mere virtuous leader to a demigod is his monetary worth, his ability to accumulate the cash, and his promise to spread the wealth in a different way than his holy predecessor Barack Obama.

For the true religion, which rules the worldly, constantly morphs due to the  ever-unmet needs of the masses, the ever increasing greed and lust of the herd, and the always opportunistic deviance of the newest High Priest.

So, without any semblance of a strategy for his Presidency, no wonder this shallow pool of Billionaire reality TV hypocrisy leads in every conceivable poll. He speaks the only language perceptible to the true religion of the masses. ‘Gimme, gimme!

Inevitably, his Presidency will fail, that is, if he isn’t first defeated by the Royal Queen of all deceptions, Hillary Clinton. Yet, whether he Trumps the Queen Liar or not, he will be succeeded by yet another High Priest of the Government Tit. After all, the religion which truly runs this world is inhabited by suckling infants, too weak to enter the challenge of spiritual and moral adulthood.

If you don’t believe me, just open your eyes and observe the public spectacle of the One World Religion unfolding in your own front yard.

God help us…

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