Having fun smashing popular icons


Dripping sarcasm, frustration, and ironic fact, all for your Traditional, conservative reading pleasure:

Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with planning parenthood.

Hillary Clinton has always advocated for women. Her advocacy included calling sexual victims of her rogue-President-husband ‘trailer trash.’

Barack Obama certainly deserves his Nobel Peace Prize. After all, giving 107 Billion dollars to Iran truly creates a more peaceful world.

Homosexuality is a normal expression of human love. Certainly, when procreation is eliminated, and a majority of their physical love is aimed at the anal orifice, natural is the first thing that springs to mind.

Gun control leads to a more safe social environment…if you are a criminal, terrorist, illegal alien drug trafficker, human trafficker, or a budding totalitarian-in-chief.

Donald Trump, as a flip flop, former liberal, and a cut-throat-billionaire, is certainly the voice of the forgotten American.

You can trust the Republican party, full of Rhino’s and kiss ass politicians, to fight the radical progressive Obama/Clinton agenda.

Contraception certainly teaches our young people responsibility.

Radical Islam, with thousands of atrocities on all continents of the earth, and millions of adherents, is only a small part of a wonderfully peaceful religion.

Illegal immigration is certainly a Just expression of Catholic Social Teaching.

The Democratic party is certainly the party of the people…people on entitlements, people who are law breakers, people who hate the Constitution, ignorant people, and people enslaved by emotion and popular culture.

David Bowie, with all of his Mother Teresa like accomplishments, certainly deserved Vatican recognition.

The United Nations certainly unites all nations.

Radical feminism truly dignifies womanhood through such glories as lesbianism, abortion, contraception, promiscuity, barren wombs, bad haircuts, and men’s clothing.

Radical Islamic rape is certainly a cultural contribution that any decent American would want imported from camel and goat herder lands.

Progressivism always moves us forward…in racial division, redistribution of wealth, religious persecution, and the loss of basic human rights.

Who needs God when we have the Supreme Court!

With Cardinals like Kasper and Danneels, don’t you wish we could build bigger bird cages?

Did anyone find where the main stream media hid the Democratic debate?

Bernie Sanders is one hell of a mathematician.

If angry cat had two brothers they would be Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Our nation is growing moral fiber with all the ‘participation trophies’ given to our spoiled, uninformed, electronically addicted children.

Unemployed? Lesbian? With an attraction for man made religion? Here’s the Episcopal Church! And, boy, those lady priests really scream ‘apostolic!’

Can’t wait for the 2016 elections! Hillary versus her meat puppet, Donald J. Trump. Democracy at its best…

Iran will use that 107 Billion dollars to rebuild infrastructure, lift people out of poverty, and create a more compassionate nation.

I trust Bill Clinton with my high school’s cheerleaders.

Girl Scout Cookies paid for by Planned Parenthood sounds so yummy to me.

Yes, Democrats, burger flippers should make 15$ an hour…

It is the job of the Catholic Bishop to proclaim the gospel of illegal immigration amnesty and the solid science of climate change.

Nothing says American military strength like kneeling sailors, with their hands on their head, apologizing to Iranians!

Political correctness is far more effective than intelligence mixed with decency.

Less Jesus, and more Allah, in our public schools will certainly have wonderful effects on the future of America.

Porn, divorce-on-demand, and pop Hollywood values are a direct byproduct of the desires of our Judeo-Christian founding fathers.

Obama deserves to be on Mount Rushmore.

The ‘culture of death’ has certainly added life and vitality to our society.

Do you have a few of your own to add?

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