King Saul and the stupid love of big


The Israelite people wanted a king like all the other nations. So, not surprisingly, they were given a big, bad, burly man in Saul. Unfortunately, and unlike King David, Saul was a selfish, flawed, and unfaithful individual.

Fast forward to 2016.

The United States, fallen in stature, destroyed by its own infidelity to the One, True Judeo-Christian God, beaten down by an Ivory Tower, Ivy League false prophet, seeks for a king like all the other nations in another faulty, selfish, phony, and unfaithful, individual in Donald J. Trump.

Following the perennially failed ideal of ‘bigger is better,’ the American people are setting themselves up, once again, as stooges for the rich, powerful, famous, and influential. Crashing onto the shores of reality after a failed romance with ‘fundamental change,’ Americans are once again suckers for ‘making America great again.’

But there’s one simple problem. The man they are pinning their hopes on is a mirage. He is a parlor trick. Self-portrayed as a conservative man of Judeo-Christian principles, Donald J. Trump is really a self-serving, flip-flop, quasi-liberal, artfully skilled at reality TV deception.

And he is no friend of the Judeo-Christian.

This is a man three times divorced. This is a man who publicly pronounced his support for both gay ‘marriage,’ and partial birth abortions. This is a man who couldn’t name his favorite bible verse when questioned. This is a man who admitted that he fabricated Ted Cruz’ problem with ‘natural born citizenship’ because Ted Cruz is neck and neck with him in Iowa. This is a man who succeeds, not through principled activity, but through cut throat business tactics. And let’s not forget his long time friendship with the Clinton’s.

When will America ever learn?

We elected a rhetorical puppet of the radical, left wing progressive party. Because we sought style over substance, dealing with emotion over reason, we are now economically, socially, and spiritually, destitute as a nation. Rightfully, we are very angry with all the false promises of our so called leaders.

But we have failed, continuously, on two accounts.

Our nation is no longer guided by the Spirit of the Judeo-Christian God. We are now a nation of aimless secularists and hedonists, spoiled in an instant gratification society. We are no longer children of hard work, faith, and ethics. We are now techno geeks, uninformed, apathetic, and lost, like a leaf blowing helplessly in the wind.

Consequently, we no longer choose our leaders based on personal integrity, honesty, and social virtue. We now choose our leaders like a panel of judges in ‘American Idol.’ We seek style over substance. Quantity over quality. Looking for outward flash even in the presence of their inward poverty.

And like Israelites we must hope that God points us to a David tending to his flock in popular obscurity.

Jesus bless us.

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