Things America needs to repent of


On the eve of another Republican debate, on a night when we will hear much about what is wrong with America, the basic Catholic tenet of repentance is the surest way to national grace.

We must repent for contributing to millions of deaths in voting for the champion of abortion in Barack Obama.

We must repent for considering another champion of eugenics in Hillary Clinton.

We must repent for allowing our great nation, based on Judeo Christian beliefs, to participate in the pagan perversion of gay ‘marriage.’

We must repent for allowing the Executive branch of government to run rough shod over our Constitutional Republic.

We must repent for allowing an HHS mandate to force religious minded people to disobey their faith convictions and fund contraception and abortifacients.

We must repent for allowing Hollywood, the main stream media, and the educational system to disrespect, discredit, and disregard our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We must repent for not enforcing already-in-place gun laws, consequently allowing thousands of young black men in inner cities like Chicago to kill each other in gang violence.

We must repent for not enforcing immigration laws, allowing millions of South Americans to flood into our nation, taking jobs away from Americans, and increasing the numbers of people on enslaving entitlements.

We must repent of rampant divorce, popular cultural promiscuity, socially accepted contraception, abortion on demand, and the near destruction of the American family.

We must repent for all the crooked, inept, lazy, cowardly, and hypocritical politicians who we have voted into power, increasing government like a malignant tumor, increasing our national debt to insane numbers, shrinking our military to dangerous levels, and allowing Radical Islam to plant the seed of both terror and Sharia Law on our soil.

We must repent for destroying our economy to the point that the average middle class family struggles more and more every year to make ends meet.

We must repent for demonizing guns when the real diabolical activity is in poor parenting, violent and promiscuous popular culture, and the vacuum created by the diminishment of the Christian faith in many parts of America.

We must repent for raising children more capable of texting and tweeting than carrying on conversations and physical exercising.

We must repent for the empty Church’s on Sunday.

We must repent for cafeteria Catholicism.

We must repent for the Democratic party.

We must repent for Pro-Choice Catholics.

We must repent for the false Psychology which encourages both homosexuality and transgenderism as normal lifestyles.

We must repent for legalizing mind dumbing drugs.

We must repent for not obliterating Isis, while allowing millions of Middle Eastern Christians to be massacred.

We must repent for political correctness, relativism, socialism, politically enhanced racial division, radical homosexuality, radical feminism, eugenics, hedonism, consumerism, and an epidemic of uninformed indifference.

We must repent for allowing radicals, anarchists, and unpatriotic, smug ivory tower elites to represent us on the international scene.

We must repent for a weak USCCB response to the deleterious effect of progressives on traditional family values.

Finally, we must repent for not repenting enough.

May God have mercy on our beloved nation.

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