Catholic strategy for Resurrecting the ‘state of the union’


As Catholicism is an Incarnate faith, Eucharistic to the core, all the solutions to the problems we face as Americans today must be rediscovered in the gospel of the Cross. For the Resurrection of the United States of America will be found solely in faith, fortitude, and sacrifice.

The first Catholic sacrifice must be found in a departure from the cafeteria, and a return to the threefold foundation of true religion in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the official teaching authority of the Apostolic Magisterium.  This means that Bishops and pastors must preach the Truth uncompromisingly. And in Pope Francis’ year of Mercy, they must offer forgiveness for cafeteria heretics and apostates. But, just as the gospel is a double edged sword of mercy and justice, they must publicly bar, and excommunicate recalcitrant Catholics who obstinately support the ‘culture of death,’ homosexual marriage, and the persecution of the Catholic Church in America. Faithful and Traditional Catholics must witness both mercy and justice, as must the rest of the nation.

This return to the Catholic faith must also be realized in a full immersion into the Sacraments.

The second Catholic sacrifice must be found in an evangelization and an apologetics which is both spiritual and temporal. Evangelization must be an offering of the compassion and the Mercy which the world hungers for within the fullness of the objective morality and Truth gracefully revealed in the Life of Jesus Christ. This means compassion for the pregnant woman, simultaneously preaching the love of Life over the lie of abortion. This means compassion for the gay person, respecting their full human dignity, simultaneously protecting the Truth of the Sacrament of Matrimony in God’s plan solely found in one man and one woman. This means compassion, and respect, for those with differing views, simultaneously protecting the Catholic Church’s right to preach and practice, unhindered, the fullness of Traditional Catholic faith.

The third Catholic sacrifice is public participation in the shaping of our society through our vote, our advocacy, and our donations. Understanding that the Republican party is far from perfect, it is the duty of the faithful Catholic disciple of Christ to vote for a far lesser evil in 2016, choosing the Republican they feel best suited to turn this lost ship around. Sacrificing family political history, fallen human preference, and political correctness, the American Catholic needs to pronounce a very loud ‘no’ to the Democratic party, which has become the party of death, duplicity, immorality, and governmental persecution. Therefore, all of our public advocacy, and monetary donations, should be directed toward organizations, businesses, and groups which serve the common good of the people viewed strictly through a Traditional Catholic perspective.

Finally, the ultimate sacrifice the Catholic must make, and the one most vital to the Resurrection of our beloved nation, is the death in our very own life of those things, great and small, of all interests, habits, and activities, which become the source of scandal through our participation in the very things which we know are destroying us. It is not enough that we want change, or pray for change, but that we become the very change that our nation needs.

And this is where the Cross meets the ‘stars and stripes.’

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, bless us.

Chesterton: Why I am a Catholic





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