The new Catholic heretic: the DEMOCRAT

The Temptation of ChristAry Scheffer, 1854
The Temptation of Christ Ary Scheffer, 1854

A heretic holds, and proliferates, views that are opposed to Traditional Catholic Church Teaching. With this in mind, there is no greater heretical movement within the Catholic Church than the Democratic party in the United States of America.

Nearly one third of Americans are baptized Catholics. With a massive, and historical, influx of illegal immigrants from South America, most of them Catholic, the numbers will only rise. This would seem like good news if Catholics in America were faithful to Catholic Tradition and the Apostolic Magisterium.

But truth be told, a majority of Catholics in the United States are members of the Democratic party, and practice what is known as cafeteria Catholicism.

Let’s not be fooled. The Democratic party is not the same party as it was 60 years ago. It used to be the party of the worker, the oppressed, the legal, and I said legal, immigrant, and the party of the people.

But times have changed, and Democrats are now in cahoots with every sort of evil.

Democrats, first and foremost, defy Jesus Christ in that they are the champions of the ‘culture of death.’ Democrats federally fund Planned Parenthood, performing thousands of abortions daily all across our nation. Democrats are the party of the HHS mandate, which forces Christian businesses to coerce employees into paying for contraceptives and abortifacients. Democrats are also the party of the coming storm: increased legality concerning euthanasia, and the growth of the cloning business.

Democrats are also iconoclasts. Democrats are the party of gay ‘marriage,’ holding the key to Pandora’s box, which might broaden marriage in strange and scary ways such as polygamy and pedophilia. Democrats, moreover, against the sacred words of Scripture, and the perennial teaching of the Apostles, ‘normalize’ homosexuality, making it acceptable through propaganda, and the enormous pressure of political correctness.

Democrats are the direct enemy of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Democrats are a major influence behind the proliferation of pornography, and the smut of the popular culture. The Democratic party also enlists some of the most radical bishops, priests, and religious in America. And Democratic thinking Catholics have done more to destroy good, holy catechesis in the last 40 years through shoddy biblical exegesis, questionable historical research, and liberally perverted catechesis, homilies, and public discourse. And let’s not forget the damage they’ve done in Catholic Schools and in the Liturgy.

Democrats are pimps. They are the party which uses race, gender, ethnicity, and poverty to their advantage, leaving those prostituted in the wake of their whoring, enslaved on government entitlements, living in inner city poverty, dependent on the big pimp Democrat in charge. Supporting ‘women’s reproductive rights,’ Democrats free the way for women to abort babies in record numbers. Supporting ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Democrats keep black men in the anger circle of gang violence and illegal gun related death. Supporting ‘amnesty,’ Democrats welcome South Americans, to include criminals hid in Sanctuary Cities, with open arms, hoping to give them government entitlements, and enroll them in the Democratic party. Democrats, supposed champs of women’s and homosexual rights, protect Radical Islam from criticism through the cattle call of ‘Islamophobia,’ ironically protecting the greatest perpetrators of the mistreatment of women and gays in the world.

Democrats are all about the heresy of a one world religion. Democrats speak the lie of political correctness. Democrats think the pseudo-philosophy of relativism. Democrats desire the totalitarianism of socialism. And Democrats worship the religion of secularism, atheistic materialism, governmentally enforced hedonism, and the idolatry of the cult of personality. Jesus is good if He doesn’t come with a Divine morality. If he comes with His Pesky Church Tradition, he must be squashed. In the end, all religions are measured by what they bring to the Democratic parties benefit.

Ultimately, a Catholic’s willing participation in this movement is a willing movement away from both Jesus and His Church.

Ultimately, the Democratic party of the United States of America is the most powerful, influential heretical movement in the world.

Jesus save us from Hillary and her demonic minions!

2 thoughts on “The new Catholic heretic: the DEMOCRAT”

  1. Religious liberty suppressed, freedom of conscience suppressed, socialized medicine. The democrats doubled down on the ACA and Little Sisters. Socialism and Liberalism reading from Pope Leo XIII forward. Some of the comments coming from Bishops in Fla and Arizona have been way out of line. Every one should email St Petersburg, Florida Bishop Lynch blames the Orlando Pulse massacre on Catholic ‘contempt’ for gays and muslims. The Arizona Bishop Kicanas thinks its OK to vote for abortion the HHS mandate freedom of conscience and Religious liberty suppressed via socialized medicine all condemned by the Church. Multic issues voting. All platforms are multi issue and so are the candidates, you buy the whole train of evil. There is no intrinsic evil existing topping 1- million of the 2-fold innocent and most helpless .

    As you stated the list of heresy is very long and we need to address the Church . No-one is speaking up and USCCB documents such as Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship are being sola read and voting is the area attacked, they argue against the teaching and call it Catholic voting on multi issues. I call implicit cooperation with intrinsic evil. We have to speak up and quickly before the supreme court is ruled by liberals and we become like Europe. May the Lord always be with you.


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