The ‘Incarnation’ of the Obama agenda


Apparently, Americans love a façade.

As long as that façade is politically correct.

And Barack Hussein Obama is that façade.

Like the Wizard of Oz, as long as you don’t pull the curtain from which he hides his reality, Barack Obama rests in the façade of the compassionate, patriotic, liberal minded American man.

But the days of the benign, somewhat productive, liberal are over. These are the days of the anarchist, the ‘progressive,’ hell bent on re-raising the Tower of Babel, hell bent on succeeding where Satan failed.

Hell bent on crushing God, goodness, and that pesky associate known as objective truth.

And the poster boy for this diabolical project is our current President and Commander in Chief.

But the real Obama, hiding behind the curtain, created by anti-American ideologues, is the epitome of everything which sane, sensible, and faith-filled people loathe.

The real Obama is the champion of the post birth abortion. Federally funding Planned Parenthood, and protecting them at all costs, is the least of this baby killer’s crimes. As a Senator of Illinois he boisterously promoted third trimester, and post birth, abortions.

Hardly a compassionate man.

The real Obama is the friend of every radical imaginable. From gays to ‘fems’ to blacks to Hispanics, if you want change through the disrespectful destruction of tradition, Obama is your man.

This is hardly a picture of patriotism.

The real Obama is the Nero who seeks to burn his Rome in the Constitution.  His IRS persecutes political opponents. His DOJ covers up the crimes of his allies. His NSA spies on Israel, and on his own Congress. Political Correctness run amok shuts up his opponents (with the exception of the Donald and the Cruz missile). His main-stream-media, and pop society, spreads his propaganda nation wide. His Supreme Judiciary legalizes perversion. His HHS mandate forces the Satanic on the Christian. His Obamacare forces the burden of the cost of entitlements on the middle class which he whores for support. His lack of immigration enforcement burdens Americans with felons and drug dealers and, at best, millions on welfare. His Iran deal endangers everyone except Radical Islam. His many ‘Executive Orders’ have broken the Presidency from the Democratic Republic, making America a quasi-socialist state run by a despot.

Hardly a liberal mind as defined in a classical sense.

So who is Barack Obama?

Progressives, cafeteria Catholics, socialists, anarchists, and radicals of every sort, would have you believe that Obama is the champion of the poor, champion of Mother Nature, champion of human rights, and tolerance, and the closest thing to Jesus in the 21st Century.

But the real picture of Barack Obama is the picture of hatred. Hatred for America. Hatred for Traditional Judeo-Christianity. Hatred for the rich and successful–unless they are limousine liberals. Hatred for the white man–unless he is an effeminate, relativist, bomb throwing democratic minion of the cause.

The real Barack Obama is as ugly as the devil himself. The antithesis of Jesus Christ. Obama is a chameleon-like-creature amalgamated in the muck of racial division, homosexuality, socialism, totalitarianism, atheistic-materialism, Alinsky-ism, relativism, progressivism, scientism, and the vileness of every dictator, terrorist, and ideologue which has envied the United States of America, Israel, and Judeo-Christianity since the failed slivering of the serpent in the Garden of Gethsemane.

That, my friend, is the true picture of Barack Obama.

Jesus bless us.

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