The Politically Incorrect look at the Liberal agenda: 2016


Let’s get right to it!

1-Raise the minimum wage. In effect, elevating the poor to the lower middle class.

2-Redistrubute wealth. Over-regulate businesses. Raise taxes. Flood the nation with low paying jobs. Sinking the middle class into the lower middle  class. In effect, creating one subservient Socialist class.

3-Attack cops. Push ‘the war on women.’ Push ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Discredit Congress, spy on Congress, attack the GOP. In effect, attack the white man, relegating him to the new ‘nigger’ status.

4-Flood our cities with Syrians. Flood our cities with illegal South Americans. Change the demographics. Make the Democratic party the only party. Use entitlements, race baiting, voter fraud, and main-stream-media propaganda/rhetoric to destroy the two party system forever.

5- Take our guns away. Soften the perception of Islam. Create a mirage where America is winning the war on Isis. Create an environment–in a dumbed down, uninformed, politically correct society–where a cataclysmic terror event is an excuse for Martial Law.

6-Add another radical liberal to the Supreme Court so that gays, and radicals (fill in the blank), can run our nation, while Judeo Christians (Traditional, not cafeteria) are constricted, restricted, and persecuted in an atmosphere of politically correct ‘compassion’ and ‘inclusiveness.’

7-Increase NSA surveillance under the guise of ‘national security,’ increasing control over the Internet, so that the behemoth socialist government grows even larger.

8-Propagate the ‘climate change’ myth, with the help of the Pope, to fund all of the above, and below.

9-Shrink the American military. Fund Iran. Hamstring Israel. Push for ‘compassionate’ acceptance of ‘un-documented immigrants.’ Protect Sanctuary Cities. Grab guns. Insidiously take over our nation.

10-Protect Planned Parenthood. Continue abortions. Increase Euthanasia. Initiate cloning. Enlist the help of cafeteria bishops, priests, and religious.

11-Make Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment, Traditional Catholic, and conservative public discourse a hate crime.

12-Inaugurate Hillary. Find a radical/gay/transgender VP. Win through gender politics. Continue the ‘fundamental transformation of America’ through Executive and Judicial action, destroying the Constitution, recreating an America more in line with United Nations Euro-trash ideologies.

13-Stretch relativism and political correctness to the limits. Make gay normal and hetero intolerant and restricted. Make true religion a hate crime and radical ideology the new gospel. Make marriage a farce and divorce and remarriage the new sacrament. Make Jesus a transgender Eucharistic presence which makes Communion a celebration of perverted human ingenuity.

14-Proliferate a nation of electronically controlled zombies. In other words, voters who knee-jerk vote for Democrats for emotional rather than rational reasons.

15-Legalize more drugs in more states to further the dumbing down process.

16-Start erecting monuments to Barack Obama. The new idolatry begins!

17-Proclaim animals as humans, with full rights to personal protection, while continuing to abort real humans.

18-Increase movies, TV shows, and news items which glorify homosexuality, transgenderism, and ‘the culture of death.’ On the flip side, there will be more movies about King Obama, Lord and Savior, the evils of white men, our Founding Fathers, Popes, priests, and saints, and any deemed an enemy of the Socialist State.

19-Make the U.N. our new Congress.

20-Burn Bibles through liberal exegesis, propaganda, and catechesis, while building Mosques.

21-Increase the definitions of mental illness to include Traditional Catholicism, conservatism, and true patriotism, while redefining evil so that mental illness is an excuse for hellacious behavior.

22-Strike Christmas from the calendar, replacing it with ‘gay’ day. Ditto Easter, with ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ day.

23-Make objective truth a hate crime.

24-Replace the ‘pledge of allegiance’ with ‘God save Queen Hillary.’

Any suggestions for more?

Jesus bless us.

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