Al Jazeera needs a swift kick in the butt


Yesterday, terrorism participated in the great American conversation, and it was sickening.

Al Jazeera, a well known front for Islamic terrorism, ineptly attempted to participate in American Journalism, accusing NFL superstar, and solid American citizen, Peyton Manning, of taking performance enhancing drugs. After their star witness recanted his accusation, Al Jazeera limped away with a failed attempt at taking down an American icon.

First of all, what the hell is America doing allowing this propaganda machine for rapists, pedophiles, murderers, and terrorists to become a legitimate voice in America?

Yes, we have a right to free speech…if we are legitimate American citizens who are not trying to destroy the Republic from within.

But these wolves in sheep’s clothing are trying to kill us! Like their diabolical brother organization, CAIR, Al Jazeera is interested in one thing only.

The rule of Islam, through Sharia Law, in America, and the rule of an Islamic caliphate worldwide.

Let me take off my gloves for one minute.

Why should we let an organization that promotes ISIS, and every other terror group–those that subjugate women, rape them, mutilate their vaginas, marry little girls, rape little boys, burn, crucify, impale, behead Christians, Jews, and fellow Moslems, who rob, rape, and pillage for a 7th century goat herder prophet–to participate in our social activities?

Would we allow a child molester to attend our child’s birthday party?

Would we allow an ax murderer to care for our granny?

Then why do we allow the pseudo-happy face of terror to participate in American journalism?

Why? Because we are PC cowards!

It’s time we name them for what they are, and kick them out of our journalistic circles until they can sufficiently prove that they are terror free…

Jesus, the One True God, bless us!

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