You know you are a cafeteria Catholic when…


You know you are a cafeteria Catholic when…

Hillary looks as attractive a candidate as Barack Obama did (twice).

When global warming is as serious an issue for you as Radical Islam.

When ‘women’s reproductive rights’ becomes justifiable genocide against the unborn.

When clemency for criminals, who cross the border illegally, is represented as ‘Divine Mercy.’

When euthanasia is also rationalized as ‘Divine Mercy.’

When sodomy is pseudo-sanctified in pseudo-matrimony.

When the Eucharist is viewed as ‘communion’ for anyone, regardless of their moral intent.

When guns are the killers, absent of human malice.

When the apostasy of Socialism is viewed as a viable option for law and order, and peace and justice.

When Radical Islam gets more respect than Traditional Bishops who actually enforce the Teaching of the Catholic Church.

When contraception is a viable choice.

When divorce is acceptable, and remarriage is no big deal.

When biblical reinterpretation, by radical ideologues, is accepted as the Word of God, disregarding the Traditional Apostolic interpretation.

When what’s pop rules over what’s perennially held as holy.

When liturgy becomes entertainment.

When the Pope becomes a personal instrument of misinterpretation to forward progressive, anti-Christian agendas.

When radical feminism becomes more attractive than genuine feminism.

When masculinity gives way to urban metro-sexuality.

When relativism and political correctness become your ‘holy spirit.’

When the gospel becomes subject to evolution, changing, necessarily, with the times.

When catechesis becomes liberal propaganda.

When revisionist religious history is the preferred reference source.

When New Age practices invade your ‘spirituality.’

When you view all religions as equal.

When you consider the Koran as ‘Sacred Scripture.’

When religion is just a vehicle for social gatherings used to further radical progressive ‘social justice.’

When you really don’t believe in the Real Presence of Jesus, or in sacramental confession, of which you never attend, but you receive ‘communion’ anyway!

When the rosary, purgatory, and the Virgin Birth are mocked by you.

When you truly crave for a female priesthood even though you can’t justify it theologically.

When you secretly hate your Catholicism, mocking it amongst your heathen liberal friends, but publicly flaunt it for social gain.

When you support abortion, but have a stroke when an axe murderer is put to death.

When hugging a tree is more important than hugging a newborn human person.

When the Holy Trinity is comfort, social acceptance, and money.

When your love for Pope Francis is based on a cult of personality, and a delirious hope for a licentious Magisterium.

When porn and pot are viable choices for an evolved, liberated nation.

When everything I just wrote doesn’t bother your maladjusted conscience one bit.

God help us!


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