5 non-negotiables for the True Catholic patriot

Pope John Paul II is resting in the hospital February 25, 2005 following an emergency tracheotomy to ease his breathing. The Pope is seen here in this May 2, 1984 file photo speaking at a press conference with President Ronald Reagan in Anchorage, Alaska. (UPI/File)

There are 5 non-negotiable things that patriotic Catholics must uphold in 2016:

  1. We are a nation of freedom found within the Great Laws of Divine Revelation and the Natural Law, as expressed by our founding fathers in the ‘Declaration of Independence.’ We must uphold the unalienable rights, given solely by our Creator, of every citizen as found in the Constitution of the United States of America. Every attack on the Constitution is an attack on true freedom which finds its foundation in Divine Revelation and Natural Law. All other ‘freedoms,’ to include those of socialism, progressivism, and relativism, among others, are nothing but militant-atheistic mirages which, proven historically, end up in the slavery of a majority of Americans.
  2.  Pro-Life means from conception to natural death. No compromises. The Pro-Life movement must not cease its righteous fight until it has conquered  100%. There can be no compromise on the most basic right: Human Life. The enemies of Life, the eugenics movement, better known as the ‘Pro-Choice’ movement, armed with Political Correctness, better known as lies, is the enemy. Name your enemy. Fight the good fight.
  3. Marriage, as Revealed by God in the book of Genesis, and Jesus Christ in the gospels, taught by faithful Jews and Traditional Catholics for time immemorial, is solely between a man and a woman. We need to bring this society building principle back to the individual states for their true vote. This means that we must take it back from a Judiciary and a Federal Government hell bent on paganism.
  4. Political Correctness must be smashed! We must call a duck a duck. Jesus only spoke the Truth. So must we. If it means calling a Radical Moslem a Radical Moslem, so be it! Truth is a direct link to Justice. Sorry, Café Catholic, but Divine Mercy is also dependent on Truth as well as Justice.
  5. Catholics are nothing without the Eucharist. America is weakened by cafeteria counterfeits. Therefore, we must confess our sins, and go back to the Living Presence of Jesus. We must also, moreover, protect the Truth of the Eucharist from liberal cardinals hell bent on allowing the unwillingly unworthy to receive Communion.

God bless!

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