Why Bernie Sanders stole Santa’s reindeer


Socialists abhor freely given charity.

That’s why Bernie Sanders stole Santa’s reindeer.

And Pope Leo XIII was the sole witness (as written in his Social Encyclical, Rerum Novarum).

“To desire, therefore, that the civil power should enter arbitrarily into the privacy of homes is a great and pernicious error. If a family perchance is in such extreme difficulty and is so completely without plans that it is entirely unable to help itself, it is right that the distress by remedied by public aid, for each individual family is a part of the community. Similarly, if anywhere there is a grave violation of mutual rights within the family walls, public authority shall restore to each his right; for this is not usurping the rights of citizens, but protecting and confirming them with just and due care. Those in charge of public affairs, however, must stop here; nature does not permit them to go beyond these limits.” (21)

Bernie, and crew, desire to enter into our very lives, within the stable and the manger of our family, distorting our faith, hijacking our hope, and micromanaging our charity. Bernie, and crew, seek to steal our salvation, found in the babe in the manger, replacing it with cookie-cutter, one size fits all, socialist entitlements.

“And apart from the injustice involved, it is only too evident what turmoil and disorder would obtain among all classes; and what a harsh and odious enslavement of citizens would result! The door would be open to mutual envy, detraction, and dissension. If incentives to ingenuity and skill in individual persons were to be abolished, the very fountains of wealth would necessarily dry up; and the equality conjured up by the Socialist imagination would, in reality, be nothing but uniform wretchedness and meanness for one and all, without distinction.” (22)

From socialists come community destroyers such as ‘Black Lives Matters,’ Al Sharpton and company, Barack Obama, the ACLU, DOJ, Hillary Clinton, IRS, Political Correctness, run away entitlements, government overregulation, out of control national debt, Obamacare, Bernie Sanders, riots, demonstrations, and murder in our streets. None of this rings of ‘Merry Christmas.’

“From all these conversations, it is perceived that the fundamental principle of Socialism which would make all possessions public property is to be utterly rejected because it injures the very ones whom it seeks to help, contravenes the natural rights of individual persons, and throws the functions of the State and public peace into confusion. Let it be regarded, therefore, as established that in seeking help for the masses this principle before all is to be considered as basic, namely, that private ownership must be preserved inviolate.” (23)

In other words, socialism is the death of a free, Constitutional society. It is the death of free expression, free self protection, freedom of religion, and the freedom of personal human creativity necessary for a flourishing society.

The Pope went on to say: “With this understood, we shall explain whence the desired remedy is to be sought.”

But, then again, he was about to speak of the fullness of Traditional Catholic faith, of which the socialist always rails against.

The Spirit of Christmas and the will of the socialist, therefore, will always be in constant antithesis.

Merry Christmas! Stay free America!



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