The Cruz family Christmas, and the liberal Bethlehem


Just as Joseph and Mary, with baby Jesus within her womb, entered an overcrowded, unhospitable, and disinterested Bethlehem, only to have to take lodging in a cave full of animals, one can expect the same treatment for Presidential candidate, and conservative Senator, Ted Cruz and his family.

If you think a cartoon that was a barrel of monkeys was all that they will have to endure, you know little of the liberal hatred for Traditional American values.

Ted Cruz has a ‘bullseye’ on his chest, and because liberals are despicable, so does his family.

Ted wants small government with less regulatory power to crush small business and take away privately owned land, and Constitutional Rights.

Expect a laser on the chest of the Cruz family as big, behemoth, government liberals feel threatened by his conservative approach.

Ted wants marriage back in the hands of the States, seeking to defund Planned Parenthood, while working to keep family protection in the 2nd Amendment a Constitutional reality.

Subsequently, expect the Cruz family to remain in the crosshairs of liberal artists, comedians, media outlets and Hollywood producers.

Ted Cruz wants a stronger military, better border security, and stricter vetting of immigrants from the Middle East–particularly from areas occupied by Isis.

Expect an all out drone attack from every liberal lunatic-fringe-group supporting immigration at all costs, even the cost of innocent American lives.

Ted Cruz has already announced that he will eradicate the cancers of Obamacare and the Iran nuclear deal in his first days as President.

Expect all kinds of grenades, lobbed by the putrid main-stream-media, tossed the Cruz’s way, all in defense of Queen Hillary.

But every coin has a flip side.

Expect Hillary to be protected by the ‘armed forces’ of the main-stream-media, the pop culture, and Hollywood. Any derogatory mention of Chelsea will bring with it politically correct public excommunication. But, in usual liberal fashion, expect Ted Cruz and family, to include his two beautiful little girls, to be mocked by such social puritans as Bill Maher, Saturday Night Live, Michael Moore, and a host of social deviants known as pop stars and Hollywood movie professionals.

In the humiliation of the nativity of Jesus Christ, humanity was Incarnate with the Life of the Savior. Hopefully, in the humility that conservative candidates such as Ted Cruz, and family, will most certainly endure, we will find a leader to right this sinking ship.

But this will only happen if we distance ourselves from the clamor of the popular, secular, and progressive society, kind of like the shepherds, following the light of reason to the cave where the social outcast shines with promise.

Sometimes the rejected one is the one we must choose.

God bless!

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