How Obama and Pope Francis conspire to diminish the Church


The great liberal conspiracy to diminish the Catholic Church, to relegate her to a moral cheerleader without any ecclesial legislative, and judicial, powers, and to relegate her to a moral ‘advisory’ position which accepts the cafeteria objections of her adherents, is alive and well in the odd union-of-intent in the current President of the United States and the current Pope.

For Pope Francis weakens the Church from within, weakening her ecclesial legislative, and judicial, powers, while Barack Obama oppresses, and diminishes, her from without.

The Catholic Church (One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic) is a perfect society, Divinely Instituted, which is guaranteed to prevail, even against the gates of hell.  The Catholic Church has authority from Jesus Christ himself to teach, preach, and defend Catholic faith and morality. No social order can silence the Church on faith and morals.

But Pope Francis has been turning down the volume from within!

Combining his eerie silence in front of the United States Congress–right after  Pro-Abortion President Obama helped pervert the Sacrament of Matrimony with the Judicial hijacking of gay ‘marriage’–and his uncharacteristically Papal endorsement of the pseudo-science of climate change, Francis opened the door to a slew of non-Traditional Catholic machinations. First, his Synod on the Family caused all sorts of controversy, and ruckus, with all kinds of insinuations of divorced and remarried Catholics receiving Communion. Second, in light of the misbehavior of German and Swiss  Bishops, Francis’ suggestion of a decentralization of Church authority–given over to national episcopal conferences–caused many Traditional Catholics to scratch their heads. Thirdly, Francis’ announcement that Catholics no longer need  to evangelize Jews (yes, I understand that we should hold our brother and sister Jew in the greatest regard, as Saint John Paul II regarded them as elder siblings in Christ) is, in essence, unbiblical. Since when do we stop evangelizing our faith to anyone?

Combine this with the words and acts of Barack Obama.

HHS mandates. Morning-after-pills for 14 year olds without parental consent. Abortions galore–with federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Gay ‘marriage’ legalized. Euthanasia on the rise. Cloning to come. Add visits from Pope Francis without a peep about the ‘culture of death’ or the apostasy of gay ‘marriage.’

But, then again, they do yap together about climate change.

So where is the Papal condemnation of legalized gay marriage in America? Where is the Papal outcry over the HHS mandates? Where is the Pope’s defense of persecuted American Christians, forced to serve the political correctness of Obama, and the intimidation of radical homosexuals?

But we do know where he is on climate change. And we do know where he is when he visits the President. And we all know where the President is. But, as Traditional Catholics, caught between the Pope and the President, where are we? Will the Pope be as silent when Obama comes for our guns? Will the Pope be as silent when they rig the election for Hillary?

We know where Obama the wolf will be. Where will our Shepherd be?

God bless!

Is the Pope a liberal?








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