Explaining the illogical liberal to your child


Our children are entering a world which will tell them only one side of the story.

The wrong side.

It’s time we told them the right side.

But, in order that our child’s head doesn’t blow up, we must prepare them for the onslaught which is adult life.

First, we must tell them about the hypocrisy, and duplicity, of the progressive/liberal movement.

We must let them know that liberals are 100% for killing innocent babies, but are vehemently against killing mass murderers, terrorists, and thugs. We must let them know that liberals are all for minorities, especially black people , but support the number one killer of black people, in abortion. Concerning black people, moreover, we must let them know that liberals ruin more black lives, within inner cities, through the micro-management of entitlements. We must let them know that liberals will do anything to protect a Moslem, but will not admit that Radical Moslems kill gays, and treat women like dogs. We must let them know that when a liberal calls themselves Catholic, this simply means that they pick and choose what to believe, and what not to believe, on personal whim. We must let them know that liberals claim to obey God, and obediently observe science, but ignore the truth about marriage and life, denying the procreative truth of heterosexuality and the beginning of life at conception.

Most importantly, we must prepare them for the fact that a liberal will claim scientific objectivity, but, truthfully, exercises their liberalism within the framework of emotion, sound-bytes, slogans, propaganda, revisionist history, illogical ideology, and out and out lies. Also, liberals claim to be tolerant, and compassionate, to all people…except those that differ in their ideology, especially Judeo-Christians…super especially Traditional Catholics.

Honestly, conservatives and moderates are not immune to sin. Conservatives espouse the highest of standards, and occasionally fail in embarrassing, scandalous ways. Moderates, moreover, sometimes exemplify the biblical sin of being lukewarm, that which Jesus abhorred.

But, in the end, the scales of Justice and Truth reveal that liberalism is purely pernicious to individual holiness, and social peace and equity.  Yes, we must teach our children that God desires them to be charitable to all people, even liberals. And, yes, our children can grow up and live in harmony with people of all viewpoints. But, in the end, we need to teach our children, through our words, our thoughts, and our loving actions, that there is Objective Truth in Traditional Catholicism, and in the patriotic American way of life.

If not, these objectively good ways of living will seem to disappear.

God bless!

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