3 Stooges, 3 liberal goals


Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Martin O’Malley said many things in their drab, fabricated debate.

Blah, blah, blah.

But what they were really saying melts down into three basic, foundational liberal tenets.

The first thing they said, in unison, is that liberty is defined by the elite. Liberty is not a free gift of God, but a conditional gift of the State. Liberty is not defined by eternal law (Revelation), nor is it defined by natural law (reason, conscience, and historical consensus). Liberty is defined by the mind of the evolved, disseminated through popular propaganda for the less evolved, legislated by the corrupt, and Executed by the divinized authority of the President.

Liberty is defined in a purely democratic way.

Popular persuasion is the new Wisdom. Progress(ivism) is measured in majority satisfaction. In Liberal ‘liberty,’ virtue and salvation are replaced by license an self-fulfillment. Liberty, however, is not for everyone. For those who infringe on popular liberty through religion, Constitution, or tradition, must be intimidated, censured, and, eventually, shackled.

The second thing they said, in lock step, is that any religion that binds oneself to God, objective truth, and object morality, is a danger to the above mentioned liberty. Through ‘modern biblical exegesis,’ the ‘critical historical method,’ and ‘revisionist religious history,’ liberals have perverted, diluted, and cafeteria-ized Judeo Christianity to fit their agenda. Religion, moreover, which is antagonistic to ‘the culture of death,’ radical feminism, radical homosexuality, manipulated racial division, socialism, and atheistic-materialistic-secularism is anathema to the liberal cause.

Hence, the war on Judeo-Christianity in America.

The third thing they said, in the covert language of socialism, is that, ultimately, liberals seek what they used to most hate: Communism. For the ultimate goal of the current American liberal is the all encompassing nanny State; why, therefore, stop at socialism when they can go for the gold standard in Communism?

Think about it.

Liberals want a utopian society built upon the mindset of the elite, propose by the gods and divas of the pop culture, enacted through the evolved guidance of the judicial, legislative, and executive branch of the Leviathan Government. Why would the Hillary’s and Barack’s of the world want their opposition to have any sway? Why would they want their own reign to end?

So, in the end, the 3 stooges said three basic things: Liberty is pop licentiousness, God is the government, and total control is what they seek.

Jesus help us!

Hillary’s Christmas







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